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    Easy Summer Style for Your Home

    Easy Summer Style for Your Home

    There’s no better time to freshen up your home than during the summer. The days are longer, the sun is brighter and the mood is light and easy – all of which can be reflected in the style of your home! Try switching out your throw pillows for bright coral or orange tones, introducing more greenery, or sprucing up your outdoor space with fun dinnerware.

    Bring the Outdoors In
    Summer is a great time to introduce more plants into your home. Buying fresh blooms is the perfect way to add colour to your space, plus you can switch it up more often depending on what’s in season. Adding faux plants is another great way to go if you want to add some greenery to a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, or if you don’t have a green thumb to keep real plants alive!

    Lighten Up!
    Switch up your accessories in the summer with brighter colours and lighter fabrics. Easily switch out accessories like toss cushion and throw blankets seasonally so your home can feel light and bright in the summer and rich and cozy in the winter. Fabrics like cotton and linen are perfect here as they are light and breezy.

    Entertain Outdoors
    Summer is the perfect time to take your guests outside and enjoy a meal al fresco. We love the look of wood dinner plates in the summer months paired with bright yellow florals. If a pop of colour is more your style, try pairing linen yellow napkins and placemats with cool grey stoneware plates. To add a polished touch to your outdoor space, make sure to add an outdoor rug to tie the space together and provide comfort underfoot for guests.


    Lounge About
    Make the most of whatever outdoor space you have by investing in quality outdoor furniture that will last. Spend time outside doing the things you love most be it lingering over a bbq dinner at your sleek outdoor dining table or lounging on a plush sectional reading your favourite book with a glass of wine.

    Play With Fire
    Whether you’ve got the room for a fireplace or just a few candles, fire brings a sense of nostalgia and warmth to your space while creating ambiance. We love a gas fireplace with a wood or stone surround to make a statement. On a smaller scale, candles set in a woven or glass lantern are a great way to add a touch of fire to your outdoor area – plus you can move them around and play with different sizes and combinations depending on the mood you want to create.


    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    Favorite Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

    Favorite Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

    Our Favourite Types of Wood for Cabinets

    Wood cabinets are a staple in any kitchen, but the different colours and finishes lend themselves to a range of different looks and allow you to express your personal style. Used a stained wood to bring out the natural beauty in the grain or paint your cabinets to coordinate or contrast with your countertops.


    Make Oak Your Accent
    The mix of cabinet finishes in these spaces creates intrigue and visual interest. What better way to highlight the beauty of natural oak than to make the grain pop against solid black cabinets or to use it in a feature like a wine fridge? Plus, it’s great for adding warmth and character to a variety of kitchen design styles.


    Go Bold with Black

    Nothing says drama like a rich black kitchen. Here, painted grade maple is used to create these sleek cabinets. Try pairing them with black handles for the ultimate monochromatic look or make your hardware pop by choosing a brushed chrome finish. Keep the room from feeling too dark by pairing your cabinets with a white backsplash and counters.


    Warm the Room with Wood
    We love the warmth that sawn oak cabinets give a space. The wood grain provides a natural, organic quality and keeps the room from seeming too stark. Try this look in a bathroom paired with black or brass hardware. Plus, this combination works great with white oak floors.


    Colour Your Cabinets
    Painted grade maple is the perfect option for adding a little colour to your cabinets, plus it’s highly sought-after for its strength and stability. Try doing an all-white kitchen for a bright, fresh look or opt for mid-toned grey lower cabinets to ground the room and provide subtle contrast. If you’re feeling really bold, try pairing warm wood lowers with crisp white uppers and an eye-catching island painted in a sapphire blue shade.


    A Subtle Nod
    Using wood in your kitchen design doesn’t mean the grain of the wood has to be in your face. Choose a darker stained oak or maple so that the grain is subtle and doesn’t overpower the other elements of your kitchen. This works especially well when paired with glossy white cabinets or when used through the kitchen to create a moody space.

    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    Decorating with Florals

    Decorating with Florals

    Decorating with Florals

    Florals are a welcome addition to any home whether you’re using fresh or faux, or even applying a floral mural.  Use florals in the home wherever you want to add a touch of softness, colour or pattern to a room.

    Use Florals to Express your Style

    Create a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom by accessorizing a desk or nightstand with blooms in soft pastel shades. Or, try going the opposite route and install a large scale floral mural on an accent wall to create drama. The florals that you use in your bedroom should be a reflection of your personal style to make the space your own.

    Floral Wallpaper 1
    Floral Wallpaper 2
    Blooms in the Bathroom

    Adding florals is a great way to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in a powder room or ensuite bath. The natural quality of florals is a great complement to other natural materials like marble or stone, but are the perfect contrast to darker colours and hard lines.

    Bathroom 1
    Bathroom 2

    Switch it up Seasonally

    Adding a vase of flowers to a kitchen or living room can help to freshen the space. Try switching blooms out regularly to create a different feeling each season – think deep moody colours in the winter, pastels for spring, bright saturated colours in summer and rich, earthy colours in the fall.


    The Perfect Finishing Touch

    We love to add florals to an accent table to bring a pop of colour and style to a room. Try a small vase of lush blooms for a living room accent table or a larger vase of sculptural flowering branches in an entryway or foyer.

    Lotto Kitchen

    Don’t be Afraid to go Faux

    Faux flowers are a great choice for areas in your home that don’t get a lot of light. Your basement bathrooms, hidden alcove or den can use faux florals as the perfect finishing touch. To make them look and feel more real, you can add a small amount of potting soil to the pot that will fool even your most discerning guests.

    Lotto Powder
    Lotto Lifestyle

    How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Look

    How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Look

    The modern farmhouse has gained so much traction that is not just a movement but it’s own style!  There are some easy things that you can do to create that calm comfortable look in your own home.

    White Paint with Little touches of Black

    I often tell my clients to get that clean fresh look, don’t be afraid to paint your walls, baseboards, casing and doors all in a fresh white.  I often recommend Benjamin Moore, Oxford White, CC-30 for that fresh clean look.

    White walls


    Shiplap is a tongue in groove panel product that is supplied in mdf with a rabbit joint.  This will create a small reveal.  It can be purchased at places like Regal Building Materials or Bigfoot Building Products.  It can be applied on a large wall to create a board and batten look.  This is very prominent in the Modern Farmhouse Style and can be done quite easily behind a headboard or in a front entry.


    Black Light Fixtures

    Black can be a great accent.  By having a black light fixture in your room, it can create a mood or look.  Textural lights or black metal lights with the exposed lightbulbs are very farmhouse, and give a unique appeal to your room.


    Linen/ Textural Pieces

    We are loving those thick chunky throw blankets that are extremely textural.  We often use natural baskets near a chair to hold the blanket for when it is required.  All of these items add texture and coziness to your room.  This would be the part of the farmhouse that keeps everything casual and cozy.

    Black Shiplap

    Be Bold

    By adding patterned tile or bold accents into your white space it makes it unique and creates style.  Modern Farmhouse often have the printed tiles with black accents that create the impact and appeal to the style.  Don’t be afraid to try different patterns to make your space your own.

    Patterned Tile

    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    Beautify Your Bedroom

    Beautify Your Bedroom

    A lot of times we are looking to escape to a space of our own, and find that space in our bedrooms.  Whether you have a large home or a small apartment, your bedroom can be that retreat for self-care, relaxation and wellness that we all need and crave sometimes.  So, why not make it special.  Below are ways to update your bedroom, and make it beautiful and relaxing.  Remember to make your room special, and while your at it…MAKE YOUR BED!

    Focus on your Bed

    Often clients forget that their bed is a feature in their bedroom, and that they should have something more than metal rails to hold their mattress.  I love to do fabric headboards to soften the room, and make your bed inviting, and a space where you could sit and journal, read or just relax.


    Comfortable Bedding

    Keep your bedding comfortable and easy to wash.  We often by our sheet sets at Homesense just because you can get a cotton 700 thread count at such a great price.  We like to keep things simple and use white sheets.  Grey duvets are a nice connection with the white sheet, and we usually like to use cotton.  Duvets give clients a nice option for how warm they would like their bed to be.  We use hypo-allergenic fills and mid weight duvet.


    Accent Pillows

    By adding some comfortable pillows (Euro Pillows) in front of your headboard they can add a sense of softness and comfort.  Also, adding personalized toss pillows in front of your everyday pillows can make your bed more inviting and inspiring.  You don’t have to have a tonne of pillows on your bed, but I find that two sleeping pillows and then two shams and two accent make it easy to remove and remake! 


    Throw Blankets

    It is always nice to cozy up on a made bed and cover up with a nice throw blanket or quilt.  Your throw blanket can reinforce the toss cushion accent color or just add texture and softness to the bed.  We always use them to make the bed warm, and I use one to add to my side of the bed on cold nights.  You can toss the throw blanket at the bottom of the bed, or fold the quilt at the bottom to create a thinner nod of texture at the bottom.


    Artwork Can Finish the Look

    By adding artwork above your bed, it creates a finished look without spending a fortune on wallpaper.  Adding an accent paint on the bed wall can also make that artwork pop, and can be a cost effective way to add impact!  We love a simple mirror, a shelf with artwork leaned onto it, or just a beautiful black and white collague.  Remember this can add to your own personal style and art can create a mood or a feeling just by being there.  Have fun with the art, and make it unique!


    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography