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    Every year, all the paint companies come up with new paint colours that they think is going to be popular in the coming year. This year, we looked at what the Benjamin Moore, Behr, Sherwin Williams were suggesting and came up with our own paint colours that we will promoting in 2020.


    Blues are still very prevalent in the market and a blue that I came across recently and am in love with is Benjamin Moore – Polairis Blue 1649. I have just spec’d this colour for a bathroom vanity in a client’s home and I love the vibrancy and life that this colour has when lacquered! I think this colour would work great as a feature vanity or as a paneling detail.


    Staying on the blue train... A feature colour we used in the 2019 August Lottery Home was Benjamin Moore – Polo Blue 2062-10. Hale Navy has always been a staple for designers, but this Polo Blue is definitely a new contender. Polo Blue has a richness to it with deeper blue tones that make it a dramatic choice. This colour is great for a punchy feature wall or would look great for refinishing an old furniture piece to give it a more contemporary look.


    People tend to think of white as one colour, but in reality there are tons of shades of white – some with blue undertones, some with yellow and some with grey. One white that I am starting to use often is Benjamin Moore – Simply White OC-117. This white is a bit warmer in colour and has more yellow undertones, but it pairs nicely with blues like Polairis Blue. Simply white is great when you are painting everything one colour - trim, walls and ceiling. It also looks great for painted mdf cabinets to get a warmer look.






    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography





    Spain 2019: Ed-venture

    Spain 2019: Ed-venture

    I was lucky enough to the get the chance to take a trip with 18 designers and trades people to tour the Cosentino factory in Spain.


    After a long flight and several transfers, we finally started the trip in small, but beautiful Almeria. With just a short drive we were at the Cosentino headquarters. The area was expansive to say least. The Cosentino Headquarters itself was impressive, not to mention their 350, 000 slabs onsite. Cosentino employs over 3000 people in the area – in their facilities they have an onsite doctor, school and overall forward-thinking atmosphere. It almost reminded me of Google! Not to mention Dekton was everywhere! Exteriors of buildings, flooring, and even the sidewalks throughout the Cosentino grounds.


    We started our day with a tour around the grounds of Cosentino and a trip out to their marble quarry where we saw the raw material in its natural habit. We were educated on the process of how they mine the marble and got see first-hand people at work.


    Back at the Cosentino showroom, beautiful large slabs of natural marble, fabricated Dekton and of course, Silestone quartz were on display in large format. I loved seeing the large slabs - it always makes a big difference in getting the overall feel of the stone, especially for those slabs with large veining. The showroom also had great displays that showcased their material and provided inspiration for new ways to incorporate the different materials into projects.






    After a delightful lunch, we toured through three manufacturing plants that walked us through the process of making Dekton and Silestone slabs. The process was rather eye-opening! To see the care Cosentino takes when selecting the materials that goes into the quartz and Dekton, as well as the strenuous quality checks throughout the process – it gave me faith in the quality of the product.





    I learned a lot over the short amount of time at the Cosentino Headquarters. Cosentino treated us like royalty and took us to some great restaurants and hotels. We went to Granada where we spent a day roaming through the old streets and history-infused markets. I love travelling and being inspired by different cultures, good food and observing the world around me. Thank you Cosentino for the trip of a lifetime!

    How to Create a Moody Interior

    How to Create a Moody Interior

    We are well into fall now and with the cooler weather we tend to crave a warm, cozy interior. Moody spaces are a great way to show dynamic and get that comfy, cozy look!



    Lighting plays an important role in creating a moody interior. Lighting instantly affects the look and feel of a space. Fixtures that cast shadows or have a lower output create a more intimate, moody atmosphere. Having your switches on dimmers is a great way to control light. Dimmers allow you to play with how much light is in your room and helps to achieve the type of feel you want in your space.





    It is not a big surprise that darker colours have a moodier feel. Fabrics and textures that are rich in colour and have darker tones are perfect for the moody look. I love using deep greens, rusty oranges and blacks! Velvety fabrics, warm leathers and bulky wools are some of the fabrics that evoke moodiness. Things that look comfortable and make you want to cozy up, are typically a good place to start when trying to achieve the moody look!



    Moody interiors typically tend to be a bit more eclectic rather than modern. The mix of styles or interesting pieces create conversation pieces and gives a sense of history and presence – they inspire a sense of comfort and create a space where you are not afraid to sink into. Graphic art or abstract photography prints can also create a statement perfect for a moody interior. Their boldness and sense of depth work to accompany the moody style.


    Appealing to Your Senses

    One of the biggest positives to a moody interior is that it is comforting and cozy. While materials, lighting and style work to create a constant moody space, other factors such as music, and scents can appeal to the moody atmosphere and give a heightened experience. Try using warm vanilla candle next time you are having guests over. Mmm.. perfect!








    Photo Credits:

    All Photos by Shellard Photography

    How to Design a Space for your Pet

    How to Design a Space for your Pet

    We all love our furry creatures, I mean how could you not? But sometimes our furry little friends can cause a kink in the aesthetic of our life. It is important to be honest with your designer so they can incorporate your pet into the design. You don’t have to sacrifice the design to have a space fit for your pet!

    Dog Wash

    In the last couple years, we have seen a trend towards incorporating a separate dog wash for your pet. These specialized baths are typically in mudrooms allowing homeowners to keep the mess contained and provide a quick clean when their furry friends come in a wet mess.


    Materials That Are Forgiving

    When I know a client has pets, I take it into consideration during the selection process. Choosing materials that are forgiving are important in the maintenance and allows you to keep your house looking the way you intended. Many clients don’t want to sacrifice their hardwood floors. If this is the case, I typically suggest a lighter colour that hides hair and other imperfections more easily. Vinyl floors are also a great option for pet owners because they are virtually indestructible. Vinyl flooring has come a long way in its look. Vinyl floors are durable and will resist to scratching. They are also easy to clean with their smooth finish and their non-porous material, allowing spills to sit on top instead of sinking in.




    We love our pets, but even the best of pets can sometimes make a mess. If you are wanting to incorporate carpet into your home, it is important to stay away from wools and natural fibers but rather opt for a nylon or polyester content that is easy to clean. When choosing fabrics for your furniture, we stick to cleanable polyesters or stain-guard materials that will last you through the years and the accidental messes. The stain-guard fabrics might be a bit more cost upfront, but they will save you in the end!


    Creating a Designated Area

    All things are good, but in moderation and the same thing goes for your pets. With your pet accessories and toys it can easily get out of hand. We suggest creating a designated area for you pet that keeps things contained instead of getting spewed throughout your entire home. Organizing toys, leashes, treats and other pet accessories into baskets and canisters helps to contain the mess, while still being easily accessible. Having a space designated for your pet also allows them to have a space that they know is theirs.



    Photo Credits:

    All Photos by Shellard Photography

    How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

    How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

    The Calgary market is going crazy for the modern farmhouse style because it is the perfect blend of an inviting and approachable look while still being sophisticated. The style is a beautiful blend of rustic and industrial with elegant and modern touches. Here are some of the key features to achieve the modern farmhouse look:



    One of the key features of the modern farmhouse style is shiplap. Typically, we are seeing the shiplap painted white or black. The shiplap gives the style a sense of rustic charm with still being clean and contemporary. Some of our favourite areas to add shiplap is on a fireplace or as a feature wall in master bedrooms and powder rooms.






    Introducing Black

    The introduction of black elements helps to ground the space and give it a contemporary twist. If you have the option, black windows are a great way to incorporate a consistent element throughout your house and get that modern farmhouse feel. Black hardware and plumbing fixtures are a great way to introduce black without being over-the-top or over the budget. Want to go bold? Try painting your interior doors or cabinets black and use gold hardware to get a different look.

    Incorporating Wood

    Introducing wood into a modern farmhouse look is key to achieving the true modern farmhouse look! This can be accomplished in several different ways from an oversized farm table, to an island, a rustic wood mantle, beams or a wood ceiling detail. It is essential to add wood elements to give your space that warmth and rustic charm. We like to use medium or light wood tones to get a natural and airy feel.




    Classic Patterns with Texture

    The modern farmhouse style consists of a neutral palette with the use of texture to add interest. The appeal of modern farmhouse style is that it is comfortable and inviting. The neutral palette has a calming effect while pops of black and wood elements help ground the space. Materials are usually soft and go back to the roots to give a natural, authentic look. Camel coloured leather is also a great base for all modern farmhouse spaces. Try mixing patterns and textures to take your space to the next level.


    Final Touches

    Similar to the neutral palette, we are seeing a more neutral or muted art choices. Black and white photography pictures, animal portraits and monochromatic abstracts are great for a Modern Farmhouse look. But just because the pieces are more neutral does not mean they don’t have impact. The simplistic palette packs a punch when it is in a large format. Using animal heads and cowhides are great to incorporate into the mix of décor. I mean, can it really be called modern farmhouse if you don’t have at least one animal head in your house?



    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    McKinley Masters