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    Highlights From Past Lottery Homes

    Highlights From Past Lottery Homes

    We have been working with Calbridge and the Calgary Health Trust for the last five years and completed several Lottery Homes. With the January 2019 Foothills Lottery Home opening to the public on February 21, we thought we would take a look back on some of the past lottery homes and review some of our highlights.



    Our first lottery home ever! My favourite part of this home was the kitchen. The wood cabinets with black strapping was a unique detail, but the pop of orange completed the look! Complete with a home theatre, this house was great for family living and entertaining.


    2014 August

    One of my all-time personal favourites! This cottage style home backed onto the Mahogany Lake and effortlessly pulled off that nautical look with rustic woods, soft whites and navy stripes. And how fun was the kids play area?

    2016 February

    This contemporary home featured beautiful warm hardwood floors and a truly light aesthetic with a flat panel white kitchen and soft furnishings. This home was incredibly beautiful and had all the space you would need. I especially loved the artist loft.

    2016 August

    This lottery home was quite the stunner! With a full bar and pool table in the basement, this lower level made an impression and I’m sure made the winner a popular person on the block. Ideal for entertaining the main floor was open and airy and the screened decks made it easy to enjoy time with friends inside and out.

    2017 January

    I loved how this lottery home turned out! The massive black windows and oversized living room, complete with a west coast contemporary style décor made this home a showstopper. The living room art is eye-catching and the pops of blue throughout the home are the perfect blend of comfortable and contemporary.

    2017 August

    A neutral palette with pops of colour and an icecream bar in the basement - this home was fun and fresh. My favourite part of this home was the massive screened porch that had stunning views of the Mahogany Lake. Hot tub, eating area, fireplace, it had it all!

    2018 January

    I loved how this home combined moody greens with refined white brick. The black and gold industrial elements made a statement, while the warm tones gave it a down-to-earth feel. Contemporary furniture and a storey-wine rack made this home a feature. The impressive basement lake room and billiards room made it ever easier to love!

    2018 August

    This striking Modern Farmhouse interior was the perfect mix of contemporary and rustic, making it stylish yet comfortable. I love how on-trend this house was and how it appealed to the masses. The two storey view and upper catwalk monopolized the killer views of Mahogany Lake and the finishes throughout the home flowed effortlessly. Definitely a top pick for RCID!



    It is fun to look back on past projects and see how far we have come. I can’t wait for you to see our next Hospital Home Lottery! Stop by February 21 and get your tickets!


    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    Design to Beat the Winter Blues

    Design to Beat the Winter Blues

    Winters in Calgary can be long and cold. Beat the winter blues with these hot tips for your home!


    Let There Be Light

    One of the most obvious solution is light! And although we can’t control how much sun we get, we can control the light in our home. Adding some extra ambient lights not only brightens up your space, but I can almost guarantee it will brighten up your mood. And don’t forget to open up those blinds and window shades when we do have those sunny chinook days!


    Ditch the Gloom

    Okay, okay, I know I am guilty of it too, but Calgarians love their greys and beiges. It might be pushing you out of your comfort zone, but try adding some colour to your space this winter. Colour infuses a positive attitude in your space and will make things seem less doom and gloom. If you are afraid to go so bold as bright oranges and reds, try easing into it with soft blues and greens. These colours almost act as a neutral, while still adding vibrancy to your space.


    Comfort = Content

    Winter brings a lot more indoor time. But who says staying indoors can’t be fun? Make the most of this cold season and cozy up your home with extra toss and fuzzy blankets. Who knows, you might never want to leave!


    It Lives!

    Everything might be dead outside, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be lifeless. There are still tons of plants that can live throughout the winter months inside. Greenery not only gives some colour to your space, but it also infuses a bit of life and reminds you that not everything is snow and ice.


    I know these winter months can be tough but hang in there! And if all else fails, a warm vacation can do wonders!


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    What's Trending For 2019

    What's Trending For 2019

    Wow, I can’t believe we are into the new year! It’s been a great year for RCID, with tons of amazing projects that we got to work on. As we move onto 2019, we thought it would be great to review the trends coming down the line.


    A Return to Nature

    Florals have been kind of in and out for the past couple years, but in 2019 the florals seem to be still going strong. Prints are oversized and are ranging from bold colours to soft pastels. Whether it is fabric or wallpaper, we are going to be seeing a lot of floral and botanicals this year.

    A Modern Twist

    Jewel tones are on the rise this year, but instead of them being dark and moody, the jewel tones are being paired with black and white, allowing the colour to pop and being shown in a more contemporary way. We are also seeing pairings of blues and reds, offering a bright appealing atmosphere.


    Using Colour As A Neutral

    According to paint companies, they are projecting the top colours to be soft grays, burnt oranges, mossy greens and dusty blues. Personally, I think we are going to be seeing a lot of moss green being introduced into their year’s palette. We are seeing the colour being used as a neutral and incorporating it into furniture to give a soft, natural effect.

    Keeping it Curvy

    Instead of clean, hard lines, we are seeing a lot more curved and rounded furniture pieces. People are gravitating to the more relaxed look and we are seeing that through the soft shapes, as well as the soft textures, such as velvets and chenille.



    What's On Our Christmas Wish List?

    What's On Our Christmas Wish List?

    Christmas is fast approaching! I’ll be honest, I am around furniture and accessories every day so I see alot. Whether it is putting the finishing touches on a private client’s home or decorating a showhome for a builder, I see and implement a ton of items to finish a home. That being said, I have put together a bit of a Christmas wishlist for all my favourite pieces. Take a look!


    The Lynne Carpet

    I am completely in love with this carpet! The abstract pattern is both contemporary and classic, making it an awesome canvas for just about any room. It comes in several sizes so no matter if your room is big or small, you can add this stylish carpet to your home. The carpet’s mix of crème, grey, black and blue undertones make it a must-have for any space!

    Triad Lamp

    Three heads are better than one! This trendy lamp combines brass and black finishes to give a clean, contemporary look. It’s adjustable three-headed shade make it a great reading lamp, but it also gives off more light than the traditional task lamp.

    Stowe Coffee Table

    This coffee table is a bit on the rustic side, but it is great for the Modern Farmhouse style that is very popular right now. With built-in storage this coffee table offers not only style, but function! Whether you have a family or just want a place to tuck away those extra things we have lying around, this coffee table is the best of both worlds. And with it being 48” x 48”, size is not an issue!

    The Path Art

    We love this bold abstract! This set of three art piece is sized at 30x60, making it an overall size of 90”x60”! Make a statement by filling your entire wall with piece. And at $1398, it makes it an easy choice.

    Freda Bench

    The Freda Bench is the definition of class! With its elegant stainless-steel frame and grey herringboned fabric, this bench is a great addition to a master bedroom or great room!

    Feel free to shop these items at our store and make your wish list come true!



    Photo Credits

    Shellard Photography



    Avoiding Christmas Clutter While Decorating For The Season

    Avoiding Christmas Clutter While Decorating For The Season

    We are heading into December and that means Christmas is just around the corner. Before you get carried away decorating for the holidays, take a look at our tips on avoiding clutter this Christmas season.

    One For One

    With Christmas comes decorations, gifts, lights, kid’s crafts and holiday cards making it is easy for things to get out of hand. We recommend starting with a blank canvas and removing your everyday accessories to make room for your Christmas decorations. Instead of layering decorations on decorations, you will keep the clutter down and keep things looking a bit more wholistic. A good rule of thumb, is to take one, add one. Swap out that decorative vase on your coffee table for a decorative wreath and so forth.


    No one really knows how it happens or when, but years pass and we somehow end up with all sorts of things we no longer need or use. This year take the time to go through old decorations and decide on what should stay and what should go. No sense keeping that sixteen-year-old tree skirt you haven’t used or that burnt out strand of lights. If you haven’t used something for the last holiday seasons, then consider donating or selling. Nothing better than spreading the holiday cheer, right?

    Tone It Down

    I think we can all admit that Christmas is awesome, so it is easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and go a bit overboard. One way to avoid the clutter is to tone down the traditional bold colours of red and green and go a opt for a more natural look. Adding garland, wreaths or other natural elements still add that festive flare, without being overbearing. Not to mention, they make smell great! Classic white lights are also great for giving that holiday glow without being in your face. Sticking to a more classic or neutral palette will keep your home looking classy this Christmas!

    Stick With A Theme

    It’s okay to have colour in your Christmas decorations, we welcome it even. To avoid things from looking busy and cluttered try to stick with a common colour of theme.