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    When To Choose Warm or Cool Colours

    When To Choose Warm or Cool Colours

    A month ago we watched the US inaugurate a new President. As one of the most attention grabbing elections in recent history, the eyes of the world were turned to Capitol Hill. Colour spoke volumes on this day. Poet Amanda Gorman was full of sunshine and hope in yellow, Kamala Harris wore vibrant purple, a symbolic nod to a mix of red and blue. The President Elect, big shock here...was in navy blue, the colour of trustworthiness and stability. Carefully selected and speaking volumes without saying a word, colour impacts us very deeply, and the messages sent by these colour choices were felt around the world.

     While few of us find ourselves wondering what colour to wear to an inauguration, we often find ourselves choosing colour to live with everyday in our homes.

     When we learned our colours in kindergarten it was with a rainbow. Later on we may have seen a colour wheel in high school art class. The wheel, sliced in two, very clearly shows us warm colours one one side and cool colours on the other.

     While we may naturally gravitate to certain colours, exploring all colour and what it can do and say is important when we are choosing a colour palette for our homes.

    Baby Blue

     In the Brookfield Cadenza Showhome, we chose a traditional, trustworthy navy blue for the nursery. Blue, a cold colour, reminds us of water and it’s calming, serenity-invoking properties. Cool colours, because of their longer wavelengths in the light spectrum, tend to “expand” the feel of the space, which can make a small-ish nursery seem larger.

     While the cool grey is warmed up here using an ivory undertone, a zen-like sanctuary vibe is achieved in this Brookfield Seton Grandin bedroom with it’s mix of textures and finishes.

    BR Babys Rm BR Master

    We also tend to see cooler colours in our offices and workrooms, as the tranquility evoked fosters focus and concentration, much needed properties when on your third zoom meeting of the day! The connection with water is a natural fit when we are creating a spa feel in a bathroom setting, reminding us of the natural springs and the wellness associated with them. Note the cooling effect of the blue and grey undertones in this white ensuite.

    Legacy Office Carfted Edge Ensuite


    Warmed Up Neutrals with Colour Pops

    On the opposite side of the wheel are the warm colours, red, orange, yellow. Fire has been a natural gathering place since we discovered it, so it is no surprise that the social spaces in our homes tend toward warm colours. Gathering in a living room or family room bathed in reds, yellows and oranges we feel cozy, as the wavelengths of the warm tones do the opposite of the cold, they draw the eye in, making the room more intimate.

    By choosing neutrals with warm bases and adding to the temperature with fired-up fabrics we  create spaces that are warm and inviting. The golden mustard tufted couch and chrome yellow toss cushions bring energy to this jewel box front room...

    BR Living

    Kaplan Living

    RCID Color Pick for 2021

    RCID Color Pick for 2021

    Looking forward to 2021! What are your thoughts of the Pantone Colors of the Year? Illuminating & Ultimate Grey


    Illuminating & Ultimate Grey

    We have done a few projects in the past with this dynamic duo.  The yellow is so uplifting and lively, and the grey so grounding.  We look forward to using the Pantone colours of the year in different ways in 2021!

    Remember that you can introduce the colors of the year in accents only; or table settings!  This is an easy way to stay current and to switch up the colors in your home to stay on trend.

    Our Color Pick for 2021

    We feel like the Emerald Greens will be a huge draw for the 2021 season. It will add sophistication and maturity to our more neutral palettes. They are used to represent the outdoors and give a sense of calm and comfort to our interior spaces. 

    Our pick for the 2021 color of the year is:

    Benjamin Moore – Salamander 2050-10

    We have used this emerald green in a lottery home in the past…and we loved how it was a rich grounding color!

    Design Trends We Love for 2021

    Design Trends We Love for 2021

    Design Trends We Love for 2021

    We are all looking forward to a better 2021!  Whether we are adjusting to our home/work lifestyles or just getting in the groove with not as much socialization…we are all finding our way through these unchartered times.  I am excited to see some new trends developing to help us adapt to these different times.  Below are some trends that we are excited about:

    Warm & Earthy (Artisan Modern)

    Warm tones are on the rise.  We all want to feel comfortable at home, and warm and very natural interiors are giving us that sense of comfort.  Textural walls, fabrics and hand made items are creating that earthy artisan feel.  Paired with modern clean lines, this trend will be around for awhile.

    Emerald Green & Cobalt Blue

    A lot of my clients ask how to add color to their palettes.  This year emerald green and cobalt blue will add sophistication and maturity to our more neutral palettes.  These colours are used to represent the outdoors and give a sense of calm and comfort to our interior spaces.  We have been using these colors for awhile now in our spaces just because of the sense of calm and richness.


    Nature - Inspired Patterns

    We find inspiration in nature and often find a sense of calm bringing the outdoors in. Nature-Inspired/ floral wallpapers will be a popular trend for 2021.  We have been using large format florals and botanicals to keep that warm island feeling indoors.

    Outdoor Renovations

    With needing that connection with nature; outdoor spaces will be a must. They will allow people to socialize in a safe way.  Bringing the interiors outside will be a trend with many outdoor living rooms and kitchens.  The main floor has just made an exit…

    RCID Office – Chapter 5: Office Renovation Finalized

    RCID Office – Chapter 5: Office Renovation Finalized

    As most of you know…we have MOVED to a new office space in Marda Loop?

    Moving In…Finalizing the Space

    Well, this is it!  We’ve moved in and have adjusted to the awesome new area; Marda Loop!  We love the fun vibrant area, and the central location to…EVERYTHING.  We had a busy Fall, but managed to get everything moved in, and are feeling more settled.  So I thought that I would take a minute to show you the finalized space…we hope you like it as much as we are enjoying it.  We are feeling very blessed.

    Landscaping & Signage

    Thank you to Plantalandscape for getting the backyard landscaped prior to the snowfall.  Being as it is snow filled now, I don’t have a tonne of photos at this time, but I am looking forward to seeing it in the summer months again.  I am so grateful that we were able to get the backyard cleaned up and finalized.  The front awning just finished the front entry. We are so excited to have our logo up on 33 Ave SW!


    We love how quaint our new little office is.  We hope that our clients feel a warm, hospitable space as they enter the front door.  We are a small high-end residential design firm, and this space displays that vibe.  The boardroom has a nice fireplace to add warmth to the space, as well as a lot of our fabric books for ease of viewing.




    The offices are shared but offer ample space for us to social distance and create!  The kitchenette is a good break space.

    Dining Room/Additional Meeting Space

    I love to spend time in there and in the dining room at the banquette.  It is so nice to see outside (get inspired) and create with natural light!  This new little vanity in our bathroom was done by Elegant Cabinetry.  They do such a great job on cabinets like this…

    Back Hall & Stairwell

    Thank you to  Divine Flooring, Prestige and Cartwright for making our back hallway look so good!


    The garage is finished, and I love how much room we actually have in there! Looking forward to filling it up.  One of my favorite things is the corregated black metal siding…I love the aesthetic on it.

    Thank you…

    We are so excited to have worked closely with Rockcreek Builders on this transformation.  Thank you to all of the trades and suppliers that helped us. Below are a list of people/ companies that I would like to recognize with a special shout out:

    Brent, Brett & Aric; Rockcreek Builders & Team and all of the Rockcreek Subtrades

    Gary; Prime Electrical

    Harry; Eon Plumbing

    Cindy; Wolsely Studio

    Josh; Cartwright Lighting

    Ashley, Anthony & Katie; Divine Flooring & Team

    Anca; Tile Setter

    Kim, Ian & Francois; Elegant Cabinetry & Team

    Ben & Cody; Prestige Staircase & Team

    Celtic Finishing Team

    Cory; Rokosh Painting

    Kevin; Vernon Painting & Team

    Maria, Frank & Andrea; Planta Landscape & Team

    Jerry; Kingdom Doors

    Mike; Calgary Tent & Awning

    Lux Windows

    Ross & Avery Ewaniuk

    Vern Cote

    The RCID Team

    Paul & Quinn, Monarch Messenger

    **Anyone else that I may have not named here that helped us with the space…

    Thank you…again!


    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography


    RCID Office – Chapter 4: Office Renovation Update

    RCID Office – Chapter 4: Office Renovation Update

    We have MOVED to a new office space in Marda Loop! Follow us as we share the process of transforming an old home into a new office.


    Interior Finalizing

    We have most of the upstairs office finalized. We are so excited to have majority of the deficiencies cleaned up and it is ready for us to start operating fully! Elegant Cabinetry came to put on all of the doors and handles in the kitchenette. The appliances were installed, and the office was cleaned. It is ready for us on a daily basis now, and we are working to get it 100% set up with furniture.

    Blind & Drapery Install & Moving…

    We had the new blinds and drapery installed, and we started moving our office over towards the end of the month. The drapery was moved from our last office, and was shortened and cleaned.

    We are still getting settled, but will be posting final photos once we have everything finalized.

    Continuation of Garage/Warehouse Build…

    The garage framing is started, and we are hoping to have the garage completed in the next week or so. This will act as our warehouse space, and we are hoping will allow for a tone of storage. The garage is fully framed now, and they have started the roof shingling, exterior siding and soffits. We should be fully up and running in no time.


    Please stay tuned as we continue to show you the transformation, leading up to the final product! We are so excited to be working closely with Rockcreek Builders on this transformation. Thank you to all the trades and suppliers that are helping us along the way.