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    The Design Trends We'll be Using in 2020

    The Design Trends We'll be Using in 2020

    Ah 2020, a new year and a new decade. Each year experts study and predict trends for the coming year. While we are still seeing a lot of trends from 2019 carry over (gold, mixed metals, velvet fabrics, large-scale florals and pastel pinks) there are definitely some new trends for 2020 that we are excited about! Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in the new year:

    Dramatic Black

    In the past, people have shied away from black in fear that it was too bold and that it would make a room look smaller. However, in 2020 people are finally embracing black. I have always loved the dramatic look of introducing black into your home. Don’t be afraid to paint a feature wall black. Using the black as a base and layering lighter tones and colours on top creates a sophisticated look. I am also having fun introducing black into kitchens. Combining black cabinets with white or oak elements create a dramatic and appealing look that I am in love with!


    Art Deco Making A Comeback

    Isn’t it funny how design goes through cycles? Last year mid-century modern style came back fiercer than ever. And this year, we are seeing the trends shift towards more of an art deco look. Differing from the original art deco style, we are seeing a softer version of the style – more of a clash between scandinavian and art deco. Light woods are being pair with modern shapes, soft pastel tones and glass accents creating an inspired, classy look.


    We have been hearing about climate change and reducing our ecological footprint for years, but 2020 is bringing that issue to light. We are finally seeing manufacturers and client being more conscious of what they are putting into their home. We are seeing more and more people refinishing old furniture pieces. We are also seeing people using reclaimed wood as features and businesses like IKEA are created recycled products and repurposing materials. Feel great about helping the environment while making your home look awesome!

    New year, new you. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and incorporate some of these design trends into your life. I know I will be!





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    How to Style a Holiday Mantel

    How to Style a Holiday Mantel

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Only a few more sleeps till the jolly man comes to town, so hang your stocking with care and check out these four ideas on how to style a holiday mantel:


    'Full on Christmas'

    Christmas only comes once a year so might as well go all out, right? For a ‘full on Christmas’ style colour is essential. Displaying a Christmas village, nutcrackers or other Christmas décor dress up your mantel and become the focal point for this festive look. A classy way to do this style, is to get clear canisters and put extra Christmas ornaments in them. The canisters keep things contained while giving colour and sparkle to your mantel.




    Christmas is a time for family and sharing. During the holiday season we typically get Christmas cards and photos from friends and family, so dressing up your mantel is a great way to display the holiday love. You can do this by mixing in the cards with your other décor or I love the look of hanging a string across and using little clips to display art and cards.


    I particularly like the classic look for a holiday mantel – its simple design is elegant while still having warmth. For this look you want to start with a layer of greenery as your base. Layering candlesticks at different heights or varying the depth placement on the mantel cozy up the room with their warm glow and sophisticated appearance.





    For the asymmetrical look it can be a mix of the styles above, but the trick is in the balance. For an asymmetrical design both sides should be different, but still balanced. An easy way to achieve this, is to hang your stockings on one side with larger décor or art on the opposite side and on the surface of the mantel.






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    Decorating Tips for a Modern Farmhouse Christmas

    Decorating Tips for a Modern Farmhouse Christmas

    I’ve always loved the Modern Farmhouse style and incorporating into your Christmas décor is even better! The thing I love about the Modern Farmhouse Christmas is that it gives that classic, cozy Christmas feel. To help you out, I’ve put together a couple decorating tips to get that Modern Farmhouse look for the holidays:


    Making an Entrance:

    Set the tone for your Modern Farmhouse Christmas as soon as people come to your door. Try taking a class or DIYing at home to make your own wreath. With just a few materials, you can make a beautiful wreath that you’ll be happy show off to guests!





    The Tree:

    The tree is always the centerpiece for holiday décor, so make it shine with modern farmhouse touches! Keep it simple, sticking in the neutral tones for ornaments (bronze, white, silver), incorporating hints of pine cones, burlap accents and a wicker tree skirt are essential in bringing to life the modern farmhouse look. And remember Grandma’s old ornaments? Well feel free to use them with your modern farmhouse tree – the vintage ornaments will give your tree a charming look.

    Keep the look going under the tree by wrapping gifts in simple brown or neutral wrapping paper with a bow!


    Christmas Dinner:

    What’s more intimate than Christmas dinner with your family? Not a whole lot, so bring the cozy modern farmhouse look to the table. Let’s be honest, there is usually so much food at Christmas that it is hard to find space for everything, but that’s what’s great about the modern farmhouse look. A simple spray of pine branches and some candles give a classic look with keeping the cost down and space to a maximum. Simple linen napkins complete the look!



    Cozy Textures:

    A warm fire, hot cider, and family make that cozy, special feeling complete. So make sure guests are comfortable - introducing soft pillows and throws in caramel browns, deep greens and soft plaids give that cozy Christmas feel. Be careful though, your in-laws may never want to leave!


    Only a few more weeks till Christmas. Have fun and happy holidays!



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    Every year, all the paint companies come up with new paint colours that they think is going to be popular in the coming year. This year, we looked at what the Benjamin Moore, Behr, Sherwin Williams were suggesting and came up with our own paint colours that we will promoting in 2020.


    Blues are still very prevalent in the market and a blue that I came across recently and am in love with is Benjamin Moore – Polairis Blue 1649. I have just spec’d this colour for a bathroom vanity in a client’s home and I love the vibrancy and life that this colour has when lacquered! I think this colour would work great as a feature vanity or as a paneling detail.


    Staying on the blue train... A feature colour we used in the 2019 August Lottery Home was Benjamin Moore – Polo Blue 2062-10. Hale Navy has always been a staple for designers, but this Polo Blue is definitely a new contender. Polo Blue has a richness to it with deeper blue tones that make it a dramatic choice. This colour is great for a punchy feature wall or would look great for refinishing an old furniture piece to give it a more contemporary look.


    People tend to think of white as one colour, but in reality there are tons of shades of white – some with blue undertones, some with yellow and some with grey. One white that I am starting to use often is Benjamin Moore – Simply White OC-117. This white is a bit warmer in colour and has more yellow undertones, but it pairs nicely with blues like Polairis Blue. Simply white is great when you are painting everything one colour - trim, walls and ceiling. It also looks great for painted mdf cabinets to get a warmer look.






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    Spain 2019: Ed-venture

    Spain 2019: Ed-venture

    I was lucky enough to the get the chance to take a trip with 18 designers and trades people to tour the Cosentino factory in Spain.


    After a long flight and several transfers, we finally started the trip in small, but beautiful Almeria. With just a short drive we were at the Cosentino headquarters. The area was expansive to say least. The Cosentino Headquarters itself was impressive, not to mention their 350, 000 slabs onsite. Cosentino employs over 3000 people in the area – in their facilities they have an onsite doctor, school and overall forward-thinking atmosphere. It almost reminded me of Google! Not to mention Dekton was everywhere! Exteriors of buildings, flooring, and even the sidewalks throughout the Cosentino grounds.


    We started our day with a tour around the grounds of Cosentino and a trip out to their marble quarry where we saw the raw material in its natural habit. We were educated on the process of how they mine the marble and got see first-hand people at work.


    Back at the Cosentino showroom, beautiful large slabs of natural marble, fabricated Dekton and of course, Silestone quartz were on display in large format. I loved seeing the large slabs - it always makes a big difference in getting the overall feel of the stone, especially for those slabs with large veining. The showroom also had great displays that showcased their material and provided inspiration for new ways to incorporate the different materials into projects.






    After a delightful lunch, we toured through three manufacturing plants that walked us through the process of making Dekton and Silestone slabs. The process was rather eye-opening! To see the care Cosentino takes when selecting the materials that goes into the quartz and Dekton, as well as the strenuous quality checks throughout the process – it gave me faith in the quality of the product.





    I learned a lot over the short amount of time at the Cosentino Headquarters. Cosentino treated us like royalty and took us to some great restaurants and hotels. We went to Granada where we spent a day roaming through the old streets and history-infused markets. I love travelling and being inspired by different cultures, good food and observing the world around me. Thank you Cosentino for the trip of a lifetime!