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    RCID Office Reno – Chapter 2: Office Renovation Update

    RCID Office Reno – Chapter 2: Office Renovation Update

    We are moving to a new office space in Marda Loop! Follow us as we share the process of transforming an old home into a new office.


    Front Yard Repair

    With the dated steps taken out, we had new, treated wood entryway stairs built. To the house, we removed the large cedar trees and added planter boxes to give the exterior a bit of a facelift. While we love trees, the cedars were too close to the house, blocking all natural light on the inside, and had grown into the gutters causing damage to the eavestroughs.

    Basement Demo & Rework/ Framing

    The basement needed some repairs. There was a crack in the foundation that needed to be filled to make sure that there was no water coming into the basement. There was a new exterior wall built along the foundation, and the plumbing rework and electrical rewire started while the ceiling was fully exposed. Aric from Rockcreek Builders framed in a new staircase from Prestige Stairs, and began the framing on the fireplace. Having removed the old unit, new framework was constructed for our new unit from Classic Fireplace.  It has come along way since this stage, but it is interesting to see the rebuild and wanted to share this stage.




    Please stay tuned as we continue to show you the transformation, leading up to the final product!  We are so excited to be working closely with Rockcreek Builders on this transformation.  Thank you to all the trades and suppliers that are helping us along the way.

    RCID Office Reno – Chapter 1

    RCID Office Reno – Chapter 1

    Well, we can’t believe it, but we are MOVING! We have a new office space in Marda Loop on 33rd Ave SW. We are so excited to be in that awesome area…and we are excited to be transforming an existing residence into office space. Stay tuned for the progress on a weekly basis, and to help us celebrate the transformation of our RCID Office!


    Prior To Possession

    We first looked at the property in November of 2019. This has been awhile in the making, a long-held dream to own our office space. As 2020 began, with all of its challenges and questions, we decided to move forward, even as uncertainly clouded the world with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. We knew it would raise additional challenges, but we decided that facing those challenges is the only way to make it through.

    We took possession of the property on July 7th, 2020, and the cleanup began immediately. It has been a lot of work since the beginning. We worked closely with the City of Calgary on the rezone, making sure that all the necessary permits were in place.



    Week 1

    To start making some room for all our ideas, we sold some of the existing appliances and light fixtures. The entire basement suite needed to be removed, as did the front step, and the back awning…everywhere we looked, there were more things to pull out, in order to get a clean slate to start fresh. It was a lot of work, but it was fun to get dirty and hands-on in the demo process.


    Here are some before-photos. While they don’t look like much, we know we will love to look back on them as we transform the home into our office!



    Please stay tuned as we show you the transformation week by week, leading up to the reveal of the final product! We are so excited to be working closely with Rockcreek Builders on this transformation. Thank you to all the trades and suppliers that are helping us along the way.

    5 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

    5 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

    Whether you just moved and are ready to start decorating your new home or if you are looking to refresh your current home, here’s a list of five common decorating mistakes to avoid:


    The Floating Carpet

    I see it time and time again, people often have too small of an area carpet for their space. People tend to under-size their area carpets, making the room appear ‘off’ with a deserted carpet in the middle. A carpet grounds the space and makes it feel cozy and inviting, so it is important to get it right. An area carpet should fill the majority of your space, with your furniture legs on halfway or completed off. Your carpet should not extend past your furniture or be over a few inches away from your furniture layout.

    Bitsy Accessorizing

    A common mistake that people make is over-decorating. Scale is very important when it comes to accessorizing. It is better to opt for fewer but larger items to give a clean and polished look. When people piece together a bunch of small accessories it will give a cluttered “bitsy” look.



    Narrow-Minded Buying

    People often gravitate towards a look of a particular store. The misconception is that the client should go into that store and buy everything right then and there. Not only does buying everything from one place give your space a phony, out of the catalog look, but it can also be hard on the budget. There is no shame in mixing and matching items. IKEA is great for inexpensive items which look fantastic when you pair it with other items. Many people won’t even be able to tell it is from IKEA! So shop around and see what items are worth spending the extra money on and what items you could settle for a little less.


    Mix and Match

    Gone are the days when everything in your house must match. Instead of buying an entire set of living room furniture where your loveseat, chairs and sofas are all the same and your coffee table and end tables match, buy pieces that complement each other instead of replicating each other. Mixing and matching furniture and fabrics will give your space interest and depth. If you struggle with this, don’t worry that’s what we are here for! It is a designer’s job, we do it every day, so don’t be afraid to ask for some help!

    Fad Designing

    Just like our awful outfits and haircuts from the 80’s, fads come and go in the design world. To avoid constantly re-decorating, I recommend that anything over $1000 clients should opt for the neutral or classic option. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some fun! Things like toss, accessories, art and paint can change the look of your space drastically, but without being a huge pain to change down the road.




    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    Advice for Choosing the Right Wood Tone

    Advice for Choosing the Right Wood Tone

    Hardwood has been a long-time favourite for people because it offers a clean, warm look. Whether you are renovating your house or starting from scratch, here are some advice for choosing the right wood tone for you and your family:



    When choosing hardwood for your house you want to consider the lifestyle of your family. Dark stained hardwoods will show more scratches and it will also show dust more easily. So, if you have a busy-family, dark hardwood might not be for you. Medium to light tones tend to be the best for minimal upkeep.

    Hardwood Finish

    The texture of the hardwood is also a factor to consider. Some hardwoods have a coating that makes it more shiny and slippery, while other hardwoods have a matte texture, and some are hand-scraped. Hand-scraped hardwood tends to be more costly, as it requires more manufacturing time. While the hand-scraped look is more rustic, it also hides more imperfections, so if you have dogs or clumsy kids, you don’t have to worry as much about wrecking your floors. Matte hardwood provides a clean, contemporary look, while also offering more friction to avoid less slipping. The higher sheen hardwoods you’ll see in more classic homes. They offer an easy-clean solution.

    Personal Style

    Hardwood comes in various different looks. Knots, colour variation, grain, board width and colour are all factors for how the hardwood will look and feel. Consider your personal style and whether you are looking for a rustic-style, a dynamic style, or a timeless style.



    Your floor sets the tone for your space. Lighter hardwoods will make the space feel more open and spacious, while darker wood tones will give your space a moodier and cozier feel. If you are working with a small space this can make a big difference, so consider using lighter tones to brighten up the make it feel bigger.

    Our Favourite Canadian Design Brands

    Our Favourite Canadian Design Brands

    With all the things going on in the world right now, it is easy to appreciate and want to support local businesses. Here are a few of our favourite Canadian Suppliers:


    Vangogh Designs

    Based out of Surrey, BC this manufacturing company prides itself on sourcing Canadian products and managing production within Canada. Focusing on upholstered goods, they continue to update their styles with current trends to suit a changing market. We love the quality and style of Vangogh Designs!



    Whittaker Designs

    Whittaker Designs with its sister company, Birchwood Interiors, is a company in our own backyard. With manufacturing and showrooms in Calgary, it is easy to feel good about sourcing local. Their friendly staff and can-do attitude make working with them a joy! Backed by 40 years experience, you know you are getting furniture that will last.

    Gresham House

    Gresham House is a custom upholsterer that manufactures out of Ontario. Known for their customization, the possibilities are endless!


    Mobius Objects

    Mobius objects is a custom furniture company that makes beautiful handcrafted furniture pieces right here in Calgary. Known for their custom live-edge wood tables, their attention to detail and utter craftsmanship ensures the piece you purchase will be a showstopper in your home!


    Hang in there and do your best to support local. We are all in this together!


    Photo Credits: 

    Shellard Photography