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    How to Refresh Your Home Without Leaving Your House

    How to Refresh Your Home Without Leaving Your House

    In light of the novel COVID-19, most people are self-isolating and spending time at home. And there is nothing like spending two weeks in your house to realize it might be time to redecorate. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your house to spruce up an old space. Take a look at some of our tips:


    Bring the Outdoors In

    As we all self-isolate and social distance, we have limited interaction with the outside world and it can make us feel cooped up in our own homes. Getting out for walks or spending time in our backyards is a safe escape for many during these tough times. Next time you are on a walk considering bringing some of nature home with you. Adding plants or even a set of branches can brighten up your space and give you a sense of connection to the outside world even if you are stuck at home.


    Sort Through Storage

    You’ve been saying you’d go through that attic or garage for years, well now is finally the time! Make this time useful by going through your old things and reorganizing. You never know, you might even come across some hidden gems that you can add to your home to give it a new and fresh look!



    As we spend more time at home, we also have a chance to spend more time with our family or in self-reflection. Try rearranging your furniture to make a space that you can be comfortable in or that creates a space where you can easily lay out a puzzle or play a board game with the kids! Pulling up a cozy chair next to the window is also a great spot to do your work while catching some rays and a good view of outside!


    Shop Your Home

    Most stores are closed, but you don’t need to go outside to get a new look. Browse around your own house and redecorate with what you have. Using your accessories in new places will make them feel like new again!


    From the whole RCID team: stay happy, healthy and safe!

    4 Design Tricks to Make A Space Feel Bigger

    4 Design Tricks to Make A Space Feel Bigger

    Everything counts in a small space! We’d all like the big house, but that is not always the case. Here are four design tips and tricks to make your space feel bigger. You don’t have to sacrifice the look with a small space, you just have to think ‘bigger’.


    1. Mirrors

    Mirrors are a great way to open your space because they reflect light and they also reflect their view, tricking the eye into perceiving more space. A well-placed mirror can do wonders! Try placing mirrors across from windows to reflect more light, in hallways or across a back wall of a small room to open up your space and make your room feel larger. Mirrored closet doors in a bedroom can also be great to open up your space; they will make the room appear larger, but also act as a mirror for getting ready!


    2. Keep Things Light

    Lighter colours reflect light, so it should come as no surprise that lighter colours make a room feel larger. I typically suggest going with white walls, a soft gray or cream. Some of my favourites are Benjamin Moore: Oxford White, Silver Satin and Pale Oak. Keeping things light and soft in your fabrics will create a neutral and cohesive look that makes a space bright and airy.


    3. Airy Furniture

    Choosing furniture with a more open look will in turn give your room a greater sense of openness. For example, choose a sofa with a higher leg as opposed to a low boxy look. If you have a small dining or kitchen space, choose a stool that can tuck under the island and dining chairs that have cleaner lines or an open back. Creating space between objects lends to the illusion of a larger space by creating a sense of openness and movement.

    Another thing that people often mistakenly do is to push their furniture up against the walls. Bringing your furniture away from the walls creates a sense of roominess and will also give your space a more polished look.




    4. Keep It Simple

    It sounds like common-sense but keeping your space simple and decluttered is the best way to make your space look bigger. Go through your home and if there are things you haven’t used in the last year – declutter! It will not only make you feel better to have things you don’t need, but it will also be easier to keep things clean and ultimately, make your space feel larger!


    Small spaces are all about editing. The more patterns, colours and pieces you have in a room, the more cluttered and squished it will feel. Group your knickknacks together so they can read as one set and pair your art down to a few pieces or a single gallery wall. It is not a crime to leave space in a room, it actually acts as breathing room for our eyes. If you do opt for colour or a bold wallpaper, try using it on one wall as an accent. Be intentional about what you put into a room and you’ll be well on your way to making your small space have big impact!



    Photo Credits:

    Shellard Photography

    Las Vegas Market January 2020: Ed-venture

    Las Vegas Market January 2020: Ed-venture

    Vegas Baby! It is always fun to come to Las Vegas, but we especially like to come and get inspired! The Las Vegas Market is a great place to see the latest trends and learn about the styles that will be on the market in the year to come.

    We are noticing a warmth in the furniture this year. The appearance of a CAMEL color and OLIVE GREEN colors are in the larger pieces within the showrooms. We are excited to use some of the cool items that we saw this year!

    We loved:


    The warmth of the wood with the charcoal accessories at Globalviews – mixing contemporary black and whites with woods to create a modern, yet warm look

    The layering of art and large-scale accessories at the Alder & Tweed Showroom – using layers to create a high impact feature


    Layering tables to create interest and achieve a larger coffee table option. We especially liked Mobital’s options!


    The use of camel and warm tones at Fourhands


    Textural fabric and sculptural chairs – abandoning the idea of a classic chair and opting for a more fun shape and textural fabrics

    How to Use Dark, Dramatic Paint Colours

    How to Use Dark, Dramatic Paint Colours

    Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to make an impact in your home. And using dark, dramatic paint colours only makes it that more of a feature! Take a look at our tips and tricks to use those deliciously dark paint colours in your home:


    Making It a Feature

    Using a feature paint can bring your room to the next level. We love using feature paint on a master headboard wall, accent in a powder room, drywall fireplace, or gallery wall. Adding pops of colour brings emphasis to a feature in your home. You don’t need to break the bank to make your room stand out and come to life! Our favourite feature colours are deep green, black and navy blue!


    Pro Tip: To get a clean look, make sure you are starting and stopping a feature paint into a corner. For example, this family room we only did a peek-a-boo of blue, but we wrapped the blue around the corner to make sure it looked clean and professional!



    Use of the Space

    When using dark paint colours you want to consider the amount of light and the use of the space. If you have a smaller space, with not a lot of natural or artificial light you may want to only do a single wall for a feature to avoid making the room feel claustrophobic or small. Don’t be afraid of the moody look though - deep colours work great in intimate spaces like bedrooms, dens, theatre rooms and powder rooms!



    Pro tip: If you have a space with tons of natural light, contrast a dark feature paint with lighter finishes. The contrast between the colours will actually highlight how bright the space actually is!



    Balancing the Dark

    It is important to balance dark paint colours with lighter furniture or use of colour. The play of dark against light gives your space a dramatic and appealing look. If you are only doing a single wall of dark feature paint, make sure you are balancing it by putting darker accents on the opposite side of the room.


    Pro Tip: Using mirrors is also a great way to make a room feel more open, while still maintaining the dark look.





    Photo Credits:

    All photos by Shellard Photography

    The Design Trends We'll be Using in 2020

    The Design Trends We'll be Using in 2020

    Ah 2020, a new year and a new decade. Each year experts study and predict trends for the coming year. While we are still seeing a lot of trends from 2019 carry over (gold, mixed metals, velvet fabrics, large-scale florals and pastel pinks) there are definitely some new trends for 2020 that we are excited about! Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in the new year:

    Dramatic Black

    In the past, people have shied away from black in fear that it was too bold and that it would make a room look smaller. However, in 2020 people are finally embracing black. I have always loved the dramatic look of introducing black into your home. Don’t be afraid to paint a feature wall black. Using the black as a base and layering lighter tones and colours on top creates a sophisticated look. I am also having fun introducing black into kitchens. Combining black cabinets with white or oak elements create a dramatic and appealing look that I am in love with!


    Art Deco Making A Comeback

    Isn’t it funny how design goes through cycles? Last year mid-century modern style came back fiercer than ever. And this year, we are seeing the trends shift towards more of an art deco look. Differing from the original art deco style, we are seeing a softer version of the style – more of a clash between scandinavian and art deco. Light woods are being pair with modern shapes, soft pastel tones and glass accents creating an inspired, classy look.


    We have been hearing about climate change and reducing our ecological footprint for years, but 2020 is bringing that issue to light. We are finally seeing manufacturers and client being more conscious of what they are putting into their home. We are seeing more and more people refinishing old furniture pieces. We are also seeing people using reclaimed wood as features and businesses like IKEA are created recycled products and repurposing materials. Feel great about helping the environment while making your home look awesome!

    New year, new you. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and incorporate some of these design trends into your life. I know I will be!





    Photo Credits: