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    Choosing the Right Kitchen Hardware

    Choosing the Right Kitchen Hardware

    Whether you are designing your kitchen from scratch or doing a renovation, choosing the right hardware for your kitchen is essential in bringing your project together. We have put together a few considers to help you on your way to choosing the right kitchen hardware:


    Knob Vs. Pull

    When choosing the hardware for your kitchen you want to make sure the hardware is functional and will meet your everday needs. When considers knobs vs. pulls, you can consider the hardware of the cabinet itself. Typically, a knob is easier for opening doors with hinges, will pulls are easier to open when they have slides. Knobs are also often used on higher cabinets, while hinges support heavier, larger cabinets. Don’t feel married to one choice – mixing and matching knobs within your kitchen not only provide function, but also give some dynamic to the overall look.


    It seems straight-forward, but if you have traditional style kitchen then you may want a more ornate knob that brings out of the traditional flair, or if you are going for a contemporary look you are likely to select a long, clean-line pull or perhaps no hardware at all, but a push option. Whatever it is, try to keep it consistent. Trying to update an old kitchen? You can easily switch out the hardware to give your kitchen an entirely different look!


    The general rule for selecting the finish of your hardware, is to match the hardware and lighting in your house. If you have black handles throughout your home, then keep it consistent and bring it through the cabinet hardware. If you are looking for resale value, the most popular finish colours are satin nickel and chrome. Moving towards a black or gold may give you a bolder look, but it may have a shorter lifespan and more of a specific clientele.



    The size of the hardware you choose plays a significant role in the aesthetic. Depending on the style you are trying to achieve, you will want to play with size. Typically, when you are designing a traditional or transitional kitchen the pull should be roughly 1/3 of the cabinet size. Whereas when you are designing a contemporary kitchen you tend to see pulls being 2/3 the size of cabinets or sometimes running the entire length of the cabinet. If possible, it is best to get a sample of the pull and holding it up to your cabinet to make sure it is the correct size and the style you are looking for. Meeting your installer onsite and giving clear directions on placement of the pulls is extremely important to make sure you get the look and feel you want.



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    Spring Decor Trends

    Spring Decor Trends

    Spring has sprung and we are starting to see the design trends bloom with the season. Take a gander through some of the trends this spring:


    The 70’s look is starting to resurface with earthy colour palettes, geometric prints, lighter woods and natural materials. We are also seeing a lot more whites in the home in cabinetry and walls to provide a clean canvas for the home. Introducing macramé planters and art are becoming popular again and are being used to introduce a relaxed, natural feel, along with incorporating plants into your home. We are seeing people try to keep things simple and using the less is more philosophy to decorate their home. Using large scale items provide impact without looking empty. Overall, we are seeing people wanting an airy, bright look with ties back to the environment.


    We are also seeing 50’s trends resurface regarding furniture and lighting. Sleek lines, tapered legs and clean simplicity are key elements to the mid-century style. Layering elements, using limited colours and having statement pieces allow for a lasting style.


    Keeping the theme of going back to our roots, we are seeing people move back and admire the beauty of more natural, unique and artisanal elements. Handmade ceramics, embossed vases and unique art are becoming a feature in our homes. Instead of having generic items, these items tell a story and spark interest. Similarily, we are seeing people using a lot more exposed plumbing – showing off the raw beauty of the pipes and using it as a feature in their home.


    Pantone’s colour of the year is “Living Coral”. Inspired by earth minerals and clay, this colour is meant to evoke warmth and reassurance, creating a calming effect. Pairing the coral with oranges, reds and blues can a bold effect, while pairing it with other muted tones give an earthy feel.



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    Tips for Creating a Conversation Nook

    Tips for Creating a Conversation Nook

    We live in a world that is getting more and more closed off. Looking to reignite your need for social interaction? Well look no further than these tips to create a conversation nook in your home:


    Keep it Comfortable

    One of the most obvious tips in creating a conversation area is comfortable seating. Soft seating and cozy textures will make guests feel right at home, making it easy to sit and talk for hours. Adding pillows and nearby throws can help guest feel more comfortable, as it allows them to easily adjust their level of comfort and temperature. Adding an area carpet defines the conversation area, as well as provides guests with a soft and warm underlay for their feet. Who can say no to that?

    Set the Tone

    Lighting is key in setting the tone of your space. If possible, your conversation area should be near a window. The natural light will immediately brighten the mood and add a sense of warmth to the space. If your access to natural light is limited, be sure to add ambient light to create a warm, inviting space. Dimmers are a also great way to adjust the feel of your space. They can either brighten the space, or decrease the light levels to create a soft, low effect as the night progresses.





    Arrange the Space

    The way you arrange your space can play a key role in creating a conversation area. Provide ample seating that faces each other to inspire conversation. Furniture should be no further than three feet apart from each other to allow guests to talk naturally and not feel like their have to raise their voices. Having a central coffee table allows guests to put down their drink, as well as acts as a gathering area.






    Ditch the Technology

    One of the biggest conversation killers is the television. A tv is great for a bonus room, but as soon as it is on in your living room it causes a distraction for guests and the conversations will stop. So ditch the tv and go for a nice art piece instead. Hey, maybe you can even get an interesting piece to spark some conversation!

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    Highlights From Past Lottery Homes

    Highlights From Past Lottery Homes

    We have been working with Calbridge and the Calgary Health Trust for the last five years and completed several Lottery Homes. With the January 2019 Foothills Lottery Home opening to the public on February 21, we thought we would take a look back on some of the past lottery homes and review some of our highlights.



    Our first lottery home ever! My favourite part of this home was the kitchen. The wood cabinets with black strapping was a unique detail, but the pop of orange completed the look! Complete with a home theatre, this house was great for family living and entertaining.


    2014 August

    One of my all-time personal favourites! This cottage style home backed onto the Mahogany Lake and effortlessly pulled off that nautical look with rustic woods, soft whites and navy stripes. And how fun was the kids play area?

    2016 February

    This contemporary home featured beautiful warm hardwood floors and a truly light aesthetic with a flat panel white kitchen and soft furnishings. This home was incredibly beautiful and had all the space you would need. I especially loved the artist loft.

    2016 August

    This lottery home was quite the stunner! With a full bar and pool table in the basement, this lower level made an impression and I’m sure made the winner a popular person on the block. Ideal for entertaining the main floor was open and airy and the screened decks made it easy to enjoy time with friends inside and out.

    2017 January

    I loved how this lottery home turned out! The massive black windows and oversized living room, complete with a west coast contemporary style décor made this home a showstopper. The living room art is eye-catching and the pops of blue throughout the home are the perfect blend of comfortable and contemporary.

    2017 August

    A neutral palette with pops of colour and an icecream bar in the basement - this home was fun and fresh. My favourite part of this home was the massive screened porch that had stunning views of the Mahogany Lake. Hot tub, eating area, fireplace, it had it all!

    2018 January

    I loved how this home combined moody greens with refined white brick. The black and gold industrial elements made a statement, while the warm tones gave it a down-to-earth feel. Contemporary furniture and a storey-wine rack made this home a feature. The impressive basement lake room and billiards room made it ever easier to love!

    2018 August

    This striking Modern Farmhouse interior was the perfect mix of contemporary and rustic, making it stylish yet comfortable. I love how on-trend this house was and how it appealed to the masses. The two storey view and upper catwalk monopolized the killer views of Mahogany Lake and the finishes throughout the home flowed effortlessly. Definitely a top pick for RCID!



    It is fun to look back on past projects and see how far we have come. I can’t wait for you to see our next Hospital Home Lottery! Stop by February 21 and get your tickets!


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    Shellard Photography

    Design to Beat the Winter Blues

    Design to Beat the Winter Blues

    Winters in Calgary can be long and cold. Beat the winter blues with these hot tips for your home!


    Let There Be Light

    One of the most obvious solution is light! And although we can’t control how much sun we get, we can control the light in our home. Adding some extra ambient lights not only brightens up your space, but I can almost guarantee it will brighten up your mood. And don’t forget to open up those blinds and window shades when we do have those sunny chinook days!


    Ditch the Gloom

    Okay, okay, I know I am guilty of it too, but Calgarians love their greys and beiges. It might be pushing you out of your comfort zone, but try adding some colour to your space this winter. Colour infuses a positive attitude in your space and will make things seem less doom and gloom. If you are afraid to go so bold as bright oranges and reds, try easing into it with soft blues and greens. These colours almost act as a neutral, while still adding vibrancy to your space.


    Comfort = Content

    Winter brings a lot more indoor time. But who says staying indoors can’t be fun? Make the most of this cold season and cozy up your home with extra toss and fuzzy blankets. Who knows, you might never want to leave!


    It Lives!

    Everything might be dead outside, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be lifeless. There are still tons of plants that can live throughout the winter months inside. Greenery not only gives some colour to your space, but it also infuses a bit of life and reminds you that not everything is snow and ice.


    I know these winter months can be tough but hang in there! And if all else fails, a warm vacation can do wonders!


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