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    Avoiding Christmas Clutter While Decorating For The Season

    Avoiding Christmas Clutter While Decorating For The Season

    We are heading into December and that means Christmas is just around the corner. Before you get carried away decorating for the holidays, take a look at our tips on avoiding clutter this Christmas season.

    One For One

    With Christmas comes decorations, gifts, lights, kid’s crafts and holiday cards making it is easy for things to get out of hand. We recommend starting with a blank canvas and removing your everyday accessories to make room for your Christmas decorations. Instead of layering decorations on decorations, you will keep the clutter down and keep things looking a bit more wholistic. A good rule of thumb, is to take one, add one. Swap out that decorative vase on your coffee table for a decorative wreath and so forth.


    No one really knows how it happens or when, but years pass and we somehow end up with all sorts of things we no longer need or use. This year take the time to go through old decorations and decide on what should stay and what should go. No sense keeping that sixteen-year-old tree skirt you haven’t used or that burnt out strand of lights. If you haven’t used something for the last holiday seasons, then consider donating or selling. Nothing better than spreading the holiday cheer, right?

    Tone It Down

    I think we can all admit that Christmas is awesome, so it is easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and go a bit overboard. One way to avoid the clutter is to tone down the traditional bold colours of red and green and go a opt for a more natural look. Adding garland, wreaths or other natural elements still add that festive flare, without being overbearing. Not to mention, they make smell great! Classic white lights are also great for giving that holiday glow without being in your face. Sticking to a more classic or neutral palette will keep your home looking classy this Christmas!

    Stick With A Theme

    It’s okay to have colour in your Christmas decorations, we welcome it even. To avoid things from looking busy and cluttered try to stick with a common colour of theme.

    Mudroom Style

    Mudroom Style

    Style It For Life

    Mudrooms are the ultimate rooms for function, so design it for you and your family. If you have children, creating designated areas for each child is key to keep your space organized. Using lockers or designated areas forces your children to have things in place and to be in charge of their space. Using low-hanging hooks instead of hangers can also be ideal for children.

    Style It For Function

    We all know that mudrooms are probably the least loved space in your home. They get the abuse of our thrown coats, dirty shoes and heavy bags, so it is only fitting that we design our mudroom to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Tile is the ideal for mudrooms as it is easy to clean and durable. Usually medium toned or textured tiles are best to hide dirt and provide slip resistant for those wet snowy days. If you want to add a bit of style and personality to your space, try implementing a patterned tile.

    Style It For Storage

    Storage is important in a mudroom. Built-in cabinet can be lifesavers to keep things organized and clean. Adding a bench into your built in can provide seating for when you are putting on your shoes, but it can also dual as a storage option if you design it with a flip-top or if you have shelves or drawers below for shoes, mittens and all that fun stuff. If you have children, you may want to opt for baskets or cabinet doors to keep things behind doors and clutter free.

    Style It For You

    Your life can be hectic, but make sure you are looking your best by adding a mirror into your mudroom. A mirror can make a small space feel more open, as well as acts as a once over before you leave the house.

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    Divine Vignette Experience

    Divine Vignette Experience

    We had the pleasure of collaborating with Divine Flooring to recreate one of the vignettes in their showroom. The idea of being able to showcase our work and team up with Divine Flooring and other great suppliers to create a great space makes my entrepreneur heart sing! It really has been a win, win for all parties involved.


    The Draw:

    Divine Flooring had a fun way to determine the style and room for the vignettes. Each designer got to choose an unmarked box and a room envelope which revealed the style and product inspiration for their vignette. RCID was lucky enough to choose ‘Modern Living Room’. This really aligns with our brand, as we love to do current designs and living room spaces.


    In the images below, you can see all of the designers lining up to pick their room and styles. We also snuck a picture of their ‘Modern’ vignette before we revamped it!

    The Design:

    After the launch party, we dove into the selection process and began working on our design. We reflected on what modern meant to us and came up with a concept for our vignette:

    “Modern Sophistication – a clean lined, current, simplified ambience.” We wanted to create an achromatic space that layered materials and reflected a Modern interior - and this is what inspired our design.

    The Progress:

    My favourite part of a project is the process of seeing everything coming together. With the help of several trades who volunteered their time, our drawings and selections became reality. Over the series of two weeks the space was gutted, new hardwood laid, walls painted, shelves built, and lights installed. The only thing left was for the RCID team to come in and put the final touches on the space.

    The Reveal:

    Well the big day finally came, and we can’t get over the results! We had a blast bringing the ‘Modern Living Room’ to life and having the chance to work with so many different trades. It was also exciting to see the other designer’s vignettes and how they approached their style and product. Each vignette was unique and had a different approach. We couldn’t be happier that Divine selected us to be a part of this Vignette project and we look forward to showing clients the fantastic products Divine can supply!

    Decorating with Velvet

    Decorating with Velvet

    Velvet is becoming more and more popular in the design industry. It has a soft feel and a luxurious look making it a favourite in many households. Here are a few tips on incorporating this material into your home:


    Less is More

    Velvet can be a more expensive fabric, but it packs a lot of punch, so no need to have it everywhere. Adding a couple of velvets toss will go a long way and bring out that luxe velvet feel without breaking the bank.


    Velvet is a visually heavy material. As said previously, a little goes a long way. To balance out the weight of velvet it can be paired with linens, and soft textures to create a balanced look. You can also pair it with different metals to up the glamour and give it an extra luxurious feel. Having your drapery in velvet can also be an easy way to warm up your space.



    Velvet comes in almost every colour you can think of, so choose a colour that speaks to you. Velvet is a very rich material and the colours are very rich as well. Personally, I love the moody greens, maroons and blues that act as a statement in any room.

    Mix It Up

    Velvet is a cozy texture that warms up any room, and it can be used in many different ways! Try mixing and matching throughout your home. Use it on a chair, a toss, a sofa or a headboard. You can go as far as you want! 

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    Choosing Art

    Choosing Art

    There are so many options for art it is sometimes hard to narrow it down. We have put together a list of things to consider to help you when selecting art.


    Adding Personality

    Art is one of the easiest ways to add personality to your space. Whether it is an original art piece or a mass-produced piece, it is important to really love the piece! Artwork expresses the personality of the homeowner and their space. People often get hung up on art matching the colours in their home or matching eachother, but art is in a category of itself. While picking up some colours in your space can extenuate your colour scheme , it is not required to compliment your space. A contrast in colour or a bold black and white can be the perfect counterpart to your space.



    Size and Scale

    Too often people make the mistake of choosing art that is too small for their space, which makes the space feel small and bitsy. We typically select art that is roughly two thirds the width of the item the art will be by. For example, if you have an 80-inch sofa, your art piece should be about 60 inches long. If you oversize your art you will not only have less nail holes, but also pack more punch with less items giving you a more finished, sophisticated look. Have a piece that you absolutely love but is too small? Consider reframing it with a larger matte to give it a classy look, while adding more impact. Art ledges can also be a great way to collage art. It is not only easy to switch out, but it can give a layered look that we are in love with!



    Art doesn’t have to match completely throughout your home. While you want there to be some connection, you can go bolder or more serene depending on the space it is in. Great rooms are usually a more prominent space where you want your art to pop. Your great room is usually the space you will have the most guests in, so we encourage you to spend a bit more money here and get a piece that is a feature for the room. This will make your room stand out and can even act as a conversation starter.


    Bathrooms are more of a private space with not a ton of wall space. We love getting sets and either stacking them two high or coordinate them above the toilet and towel bar. One thing to be mindful of in selecting bathroom art is the medium of the art. Bathrooms hold a lot of humidity, so opt out of the expensive pieces or canvases as they might warp or get damaged.



    Bedrooms are sometimes neglected for art, but they can add a lot of impact and bring your bedroom to the next level. Abstracts or soothing landscapes can be great for your bedroom, as they are more serene spaces. Whether you put the art pieces above your bed or get a large-scale piece for above your dresser, it is sure to add that extra touch.



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