Fresh Cabinetry Colours

Fresh Cabinetry Colours

In recent years, more colourful kitchens have started to take centre stage. White kitchens provide a lovely base as well as elegant simplicity, but if you’re willing to be a little more daring with your kitchen, there are a number of colours that look great in many styles of homes. For a more modern look in your kitchen, you can even consider mixing two colours of cabinets by using a deeper colour on the lowers or island combined with a lighter colour on the uppers. In this post, we’ll talk about some fresh colours to use for your cabinetry that range from light and subtle to more bold, saturated colours. We’re moving away from the all white kitchen and infusing them with more personality to ensure that you’ll love your space for years to come.


Perfect Pastels

If you’re looking for a change that’s more subtle, we’d recommend choosing a pale pastel shade for your kitchen. While these shades aren’t a huge departure from white, they’re different enough that they’ll add just a touch of elegance and personality to your space. When choosing a pastel shade, we’d recommend choosing a shade in the grey, blue or green family so that it still acts as more of a neutral. This will ensure that your eyes don’t become overwhelmed when looking at the cabinets, and will also give them a timeless quality. In the photo on the left, this stunning pale green kitchen makes such an elegant statement. The pale green is just colourful enough to make this kitchen feel fun and modern, while perfectly complementing the grey veining in the marble of the backsplash and island. Gold accents in the drawer handles and lighting are the perfect finishing touches. In the photo on the right, the palest grey of the cabinets in this bathroom vanity provides a subtle contrast to the array of white in the room. We like using a very soft shade of grey like this, especially in bathrooms, to help support a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

Blue Hues

When you’re looking for a shade that’s bolder, but still reads as a neutral, blue is a great option. It feels calming, fresh and clean, while providing a welcome pop of colour. There are a number of different blues to choose from, so choose one with the right tone and depth to best suit your kitchen. In the photo on the left, this deeper blue-grey gives this kitchen a sleek, elegant feel. However, the unexpected blue tone makes the kitchen feel more modern, and a little more daring. Complemented with a gold hood fan and accents, this is a kitchen that feels sleek and sophisticated. In the photo on the right, the blue of the island cabinets is lighter and feels more approachable. This kitchen is a classic example of combining different colours of cabinetry to make it feel light and airy, but with a fun pop of colour. In this kitchen, the blue island is the star,  so the lighting, backsplash and other accents are kept to a minimum.

Great Greys

You can’t go wrong with grey cabinets, but try mixing it up with different accents to make it feel more modern, or mixing and matching different colours in your kitchen. In the photo on the left, this kitchen is filled with earthy neutrals to give off a very warm and inviting feeling. The upper cabinets are a very subtle taupe-grey, which are complemented by a deeper grey on the island to really ground the space. The whole room is tied together with gold accents for the cabinet pulls, faucet, lighting, and of course that beautiful statement hood fan. In the photo on the right, the monochromatic palette feels more classic, but the matte finish of the cabinets give it a modern touch. The grey of these cabinets is a little deeper, but to keep the kitchen from feeling too dark, bright white counters, paint and backsplash tile are used. Black cabinet pulls, stools and a faucet also add an elevated touch.

Dare to go Dark

For the boldest look of all in your kitchen, dare to choose a dark colour for your cabinets. A dark colour like the ones shown below will leave your kitchen feeling elegant, sleek and timeless for years to come. The key to choosing a dark cabinet colour is to balance it with lighter elements to keep from feeling like you’re cooking in a cave. When choosing to work with a darker colour for your cabinets, it’s best to keep the door front very simple as any details would get lost in the darker colour. In the photo on the left, the deep colour of the cabinets and island is offset by lighter cabinetry above the stove. This is another classic and well executed example of mixing your cabinet colours for that modern look. In the photo on the right, the kitchen cabinets are done entirely in a darker colour, but the warm accents and lighting help to brighten it up. The window running along the backsplash is also key here to bring in more light and add some airiness to the space.

Photo Credit: Shellard Photography
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