Kids Room Refresh

Kids Room Refresh

If there’s one place that you can have a lot of fun with your design, it’s a kids room! Designing a kids room allows for so many opportunities to personalize the room to the child and have them choose the elements that they want included in the refresh of their room. We love to have fun with themes when designing kids rooms because it ensures that the room will be well loved and will reflect the kid whose room it is! Your kids are only young once, so you might as well involve your child in the design of the room to make sure it’s something that they love!


A Nice Nursery

Starting off with the first room a kid will ever have - the nursery! When designing or refreshing a nursery, one of our favourite things to do is do a feature wall with wallpaper. The wallpaper that you choose can be bold like the photo on the left, or more subtle like the photo on the right. In the photo on the left, the wallpaper serves as the perfect starting point for all the earthy colours in the room. The pattern is small enough that it’s not too overwhelming, but instead invokes a bright, cheerful feeling. In the photo on the right, the wallpaper is more neutral, which is the perfect starting point for any baby. Its neutral palette also means that you could refresh this room with a number of additional colours of patterns down the road.

Lean into what they Love

If you’re refreshing a kids room and they have a particular item that they really love - lean into the theme. This can be done with accessories like pillows and decorative objects around the room, but one of our favourite ways to do this is with art. It’s really simple to switch out the art in a kids room for a quick refresh. Plus, using art as a way to personalize a kids room is a slightly more elevated take on the design. In the photo on the left, modern robot prints are hung on the wall above the bed in sleek black frames to bring a fun element into this room. There’s also a bonus stuffed robot on the bed! In the photo on the right, music is the theme for this kids room and here, a gallery wall of records served as the perfect piece of art. To add even more interest to this gallery wall, alternating record sleeves and records themselves are used in the nine frames.

Choose a Bed That’s not Boring

Choosing a new bed for your kids room refresh likely won’t be done as often as accessories are changed, so we’d recommend only buying a new bed if your child has grown out of their previous one. If a new bed is in your refresh plan, there are so many fun options out there to work into your design. In the photo on the left, we chose to design this room with a daybed, which is a less conventional choice, but adds elegance to this bold and fun kids room. In the photo on the right, we really leaned into the jungle theme of the room and chose an a-frame style bed to complement the theme. When choosing furniture for a kids room refresh, it’s helpful to choose things that can grow and change with your child. This bed, for instance, can have the a-frame removed if desired. The wood of the bed adds a natural, textural element to the room to really bring the outdoors in. You’ll also notice that both of these rooms have very fun wallpaper to complement the design, which is another one of our favourite ways to refresh a kids room!

Choose Colour

An easy way to refresh a kids room is to add bold colour to the room either through new furniture (when the child is in need of a new bed) or by refreshing the walls with a saturated shade. In the photo on the left, this room is the epitome of fun. The bed is a bright, bold coral, which contrasts perfectly with the patterned floral wallpaper. There’s also a pop of crushed mustard velvet curtains that add a luxe touch to the room. In the photo on the right, this room is slightly more muted in colour, but the contrast makes this refresh very striking. The warm mustard colour of the walls give this room a cosy feeling, while the bold black and white dog pattern of the prints above the bed provide a fun focal point above the bed.

Photo Credit: Shellard Photography

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