Decorating with Spring Branches

Decorating with Spring Branches

When winter finally starts to release us from its chilly grasp, there’s nothing more pleasant than bringing a touch of spring into your home! There are several ways that you can do this, but one of our favourites is by styling your home with spring branches or greenery. These can be real or faux depending on your preference, but either way, they’ll add a fresh feeling to your home. You can choose branches that range from classic greens to neutrals and even pops of colour or pastel shades. It all depends on what works in your home, and which you love the most. 


Keep It Classic

One of our favourite ways to decorate for Spring is to use classic green branches to add some brightness and vitality to a room. This simple act of bringing the outdoors in can make our spaces feel refreshed and renewed. In the photo on the left, we used some faux eucalyptus-style branches to bring some colour into this monochromatic living room. When choosing branches, one of the keys is to arrange them in varying heights to create movement. We especially love how this deep green complements the metallic gold of the sculpture on the table. In the photo on the right, brighter and taller green branches are used to add colour to this more neutral kitchen. By arranging a large number of branches in this vessel, you create a dramatic focal point that draws the eye to the island  - and the beautiful marble it’s made from!) 

Pale Pastels

More subtle pastel-coloured branches bring an understated bit of spring to your home. They add just the right amount of colour without being too bright. We love to style these branches with a richly coloured or textured vessel to contrast their lighter colour. In the photo on the left, the branches are just starting to bloom with pale pink flowers that add just a touch of colour to this streamlined kitchen. We love that a lot of the branches just have small buds or leaves on them, which adds a more sculptural quality to this arrangement. In the photo on the right, these branches have the palest off-white flowers to suggest just a hint of spring. Given that these flowers are positioned on a mantel, it’s important when arranging them to have the branches splay out to the left and right for the most visual impact. The number of branches used is also on the smaller side so that each twist and curve can be seen without the vase looking too crowded. Here, the more understated arrangement adds an elegant touch to this living room. 

Pop of Pink

When you’re looking to bring spring into your home in full force, choose branches that will bring in a big pop of colour! You’ll likely find branches in pink or purple tones, but factor in how the size, shape and style will work in your home. Plus, it’s important to consider how much of a dramatic impact you’d like these branches to bring. In the photo on the left, this stunning array of branches beautifully fills an empty alcove in this monotone kitchen. The pop of the bright blooms adds a much-needed hint of colour, while the solid black vase contrasts the warm white walls. In the photo on the right, these smaller-scale branches are perfect for a bedside table. The smaller, tighter blooms add a concentrated hit of colour and bring in all the bright, spring feelings. The white colour of the vase blends into the walls, bedding and dresser to let these branches shine.  

Nice Neutrals

Neutral branches are a great choice for when you want to add a subtle, nature-inspired touch to a room. Due to their neutral tones, these types of branches often convey a sense of understated elegance. In the photo on the left, these full branches are the perfect complement to this fun kitchen. The brown and white tones of the branches are mirrored in the marble of the backsplash and island, while the pale grey-green of the cabinets allow the branches to stand out, without being too bold. We also love using orchid branches in a bathroom as seen in the photo on the right. The white shade of these blooms adds a calming, serene quality - which is exactly what you’re looking for in a room where you’d have a relaxing soak in the tub. 

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