Striking Fireplace Design

Striking Fireplace Design

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a cold day and getting cosy by the fire. We tend to choose a gas fireplace when designing a home, but a wood-burning fire does the trick as well. Our favourite place to install a fireplace is in the living room so that the entire family can gather around. However, a fireplace can also feel especially luxurious in a master bedroom or ensuite bath. Fireplace design has come a long way with a number of striking options for including one in the design of your home. Whether your home is sleek and modern, or more casual and rustic, you can incorporate a fireplace that will fit with your style. 


Go For the Wow Factor

We love a fireplace that brings wow factor to a room. The larger than life scale of each of these fireplaces gives them a lot of presence in the room. In the photo on the left, the two-story chimney done in black is a striking feature of this fireplace design and really stands out again the white coloured walls. It really helps to give this fireplace a lot of presence in the room, despite it being off to the side of the seating area. In the photo on the right, the fireplace is extra long with bench seating in front of it for anyone who wants to cosy in really close. The fireplace is truly a focal point in this living room. Plus, the white rocks are an interesting feature and really stand out against the surrounding black.  

Keep it Minimal

If you’re not a fan of a dramatic fireplace, take a more subtle approach to including one in your design. In the photo on the left, the fireplace is basically hidden thanks to the clever use of black paint on the wall it’s been installed on. This gives the fireplace a very sleek look and ensures that it’s seamlessly incorporated into the design of this living room. In the photo on the right, the fireplace is slightly more evident given that it’s been installed on a white wall, but the overall look is still very understated. The black colour of the fireplace actually works very well to compliment the black lines in the rug and works with the modern, monochromatic look of this living room. 

Surrounded by Stone 

A stone surround is a classic choice for a fireplace and really adds a nice rustic touch to your home. In the photo on the left, the fireplace has been installed in a sunroom off of the kitchen. Flanked by  huge floor to ceiling windows, this room is the perfect place to start a fire and watch the snow fall during the winter. The addition of the chopped wood beside the fireplace gives the room a woodsy and nostalgic feel. In the living room on the right, the lighter stone of the fireplace is picked up in the brass accents of the chairs and light fixture. The larger scale of the fireplace covered in stone also lends itself to being the focal point in the room, perfect for family gatherings.  

Perfect in Plaster 

Nothing says sleek and modern like a fireplace covered in plaster. We love the sleek look of a plaster-covered fireplace as well as the subtle texture that the plaster bring to a room. For a fireplace that doesn’t have room for a hearth, we love including a bench in front of the fire so that you’re still able to comfortably sit in front of it and stay cosy. The black candlesticks above the fireplaces in both rooms also help to tie in the black colour of the fireplace itself. In the photo on the right, the fireplace is complemented by a number of black accents which helps to blend it seamlessly into the room. When installing a fireplace in the wall, we love including a shallow, but minimal mantel as it’s the perfect place for candlesticks or small decorative objects.  

Incorporate Entertainment

Oftentimes, when we install fireplaces in the living room, there is also a TV that has to be installed on that same wall. When this is the case, we recommend stacking the TV on top of the fireplace for a clean and minimal look. In the photo on the left, the TV is the main focus, where the fireplace blends in beautifully below thanks to a flecked grey stone. In the photo on the right, the TV and fireplace are similar in size and are given equal weight in this living room. To keep the room from feeling too dark, the wall has been covered in shiplap and warmth is brought in through the floating mantel that will be perfect for hanging stockings come the holidays.   

Photo Credit: Shellard Photography 

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