How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

How to Create a Welcoming Entryway 

Your entryway is the first impression that guests will have of the inside of your home, so it’s important to make sure that it’s inviting as well as functional. There are a number of ways that you can make your entryway feel welcoming, whether that’s by using a fun patterned tile on the floor, using statement lighting to elicit that “wow factor” or simply by adding some greenery to bring the outside in. It’s also very important to make sure that your entryway is functional, too. This is an area that can often become unorganized very quickly, but by adding adequate (and beautifully designed) storage and seating, you’ll ensure that your entryway is always clean and ready for guests! 


Have Some Fun with Your Flooring 

Entryways or mudrooms are often smaller spaces, so it’s a great place to use a fun, bold or patterned tile that will instantly wow anyone who walks in the door. If you’re going to go bold with a pattern, we’d suggest keeping the colour palette more minimal to ensure that your design will still stand the test of time. In the photo on the left, the alternating direction of the stripes in this marble tile creates a dynamic geometric pattern, while the high gloss gives the tile a very luxe feel as if you’re stepping into an art gallery. In the photo on the right, the pattern is more subtle and uniform, but the curving lines and repeat of the pattern create a very pleasing and calming feeling. Similar to the first photo, the colours are neutral, however in this mudroom, the tile is complimented by beautiful oak millwork and a jute rug to bring warmth into the room.  

Take a Seat! 

Having seating in your entryway is key to making your home feel welcoming. Having a bench complimented by pillows, art and a textural rug makes for the perfect vignette, which is sure to give guests an excellent first impression of your home. In the photo on the left, this beautiful woven leather bench adds just the right amount of warmth to this entryway, while picking up the golden tones in the flooring. In the photo on the left, the built in bench is tucked behind the door, making it a very smart use of space. Having a long bench like this means that you have ample room to add texture and colour through the use of pillows and baskets that help to style the space. Plus, you’ll notice both entryways include plants, which add a welcome pop of green. 


Let There Be Light 

Lighting is a major factor you should consider when designing your entryway. It can help add a lot more light - especially if your entryway is darker and doesn’t have any windows. It can also act as a statement piece whether you have a large foyer, a smaller mudroom, or a modest sized entryway somewhere in the middle. The key here is choosing a piece that is eye catching and will illicit a “wow” response from your guests, while still ensuring that it works with the style and scale of your home. We love the look of this geometric black pendant on the left because it’s streamlined design works with the smaller space it’s used in. Plus, the black shade works well with the very graphic, black and white scheme of this entryway. In the photo on the right, the ceiling is the main attraction of this entryway with beautiful wooden beams done in a similar shade to the door and the floors to tie everything together cohesively. The light fixture here is a larger scale which is perfect for the grand feeling of this entryway, and the diamond pattern in the shade is mirrored in the wooden beams on the ceiling.  

You Can Never Have Enough Storage 

An entryway or mudroom is often one of those rooms that can get very messy, very quickly with shoes, coats and bags. However, if you have enough storage, you can create zones for all these items and ensure that they’re always put away, which means your home will look put together and welcoming. We love the storage in the photo on the left because it incorporates different elements which lend to the design. We have flat front cabinets above and below the bench that are done in a soft grey, which helps them blend into the walls. The open shelving is the perfect place for baskets, which helps to add texture and colour. Lastly, we have the black hooks, which allow easy access to items like jackets, which we often need to grab as we run out the door. The photo on the right is similar in that it has all the same elements, but on a smaller scale. In this smart design, the hooks are placed under the open shelving to save on space. The baskets are beautifully woven in a light wood which gives them an airy, boho quality and makes them really stand out against the dark walls. The storage under the bench is deep to allow for storage of larger items, but has a streamlined look thanks to the dark paint colour and sleek hardware.  

Photo Credit: Shellard Photography 

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