Spring Decor Trends

Spring Decor Trends

Spring has sprung and we are starting to see the design trends bloom with the season. Take a gander through some of the trends this spring:


The 70’s look is starting to resurface with earthy colour palettes, geometric prints, lighter woods and natural materials. We are also seeing a lot more whites in the home in cabinetry and walls to provide a clean canvas for the home. Introducing macramé planters and art are becoming popular again and are being used to introduce a relaxed, natural feel, along with incorporating plants into your home. We are seeing people try to keep things simple and using the less is more philosophy to decorate their home. Using large scale items provide impact without looking empty. Overall, we are seeing people wanting an airy, bright look with ties back to the environment.


We are also seeing 50’s trends resurface regarding furniture and lighting. Sleek lines, tapered legs and clean simplicity are key elements to the mid-century style. Layering elements, using limited colours and having statement pieces allow for a lasting style.


Keeping the theme of going back to our roots, we are seeing people move back and admire the beauty of more natural, unique and artisanal elements. Handmade ceramics, embossed vases and unique art are becoming a feature in our homes. Instead of having generic items, these items tell a story and spark interest. Similarily, we are seeing people using a lot more exposed plumbing – showing off the raw beauty of the pipes and using it as a feature in their home.


Pantone’s colour of the year is “Living Coral”. Inspired by earth minerals and clay, this colour is meant to evoke warmth and reassurance, creating a calming effect. Pairing the coral with oranges, reds and blues can a bold effect, while pairing it with other muted tones give an earthy feel.



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