RCID Office Reno – Chapter 1

RCID Office Reno – Chapter 1

Well, we can’t believe it, but we are MOVING! We have a new office space in Marda Loop on 33rd Ave SW. We are so excited to be in that awesome area…and we are excited to be transforming an existing residence into office space. Stay tuned for the progress on a weekly basis, and to help us celebrate the transformation of our RCID Office!


Prior To Possession

We first looked at the property in November of 2019. This has been awhile in the making, a long-held dream to own our office space. As 2020 began, with all of its challenges and questions, we decided to move forward, even as uncertainly clouded the world with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. We knew it would raise additional challenges, but we decided that facing those challenges is the only way to make it through.

We took possession of the property on July 7th, 2020, and the cleanup began immediately. It has been a lot of work since the beginning. We worked closely with the City of Calgary on the rezone, making sure that all the necessary permits were in place.



Week 1

To start making some room for all our ideas, we sold some of the existing appliances and light fixtures. The entire basement suite needed to be removed, as did the front step, and the back awning…everywhere we looked, there were more things to pull out, in order to get a clean slate to start fresh. It was a lot of work, but it was fun to get dirty and hands-on in the demo process.


Here are some before-photos. While they don’t look like much, we know we will love to look back on them as we transform the home into our office!



Please stay tuned as we show you the transformation week by week, leading up to the reveal of the final product! We are so excited to be working closely with Rockcreek Builders on this transformation. Thank you to all the trades and suppliers that are helping us along the way.

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