How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

The Calgary market is going crazy for the modern farmhouse style because it is the perfect blend of an inviting and approachable look while still being sophisticated. The style is a beautiful blend of rustic and industrial with elegant and modern touches. Here are some of the key features to achieve the modern farmhouse look:



One of the key features of the modern farmhouse style is shiplap. Typically, we are seeing the shiplap painted white or black. The shiplap gives the style a sense of rustic charm with still being clean and contemporary. Some of our favourite areas to add shiplap is on a fireplace or as a feature wall in master bedrooms and powder rooms.






Introducing Black

The introduction of black elements helps to ground the space and give it a contemporary twist. If you have the option, black windows are a great way to incorporate a consistent element throughout your house and get that modern farmhouse feel. Black hardware and plumbing fixtures are a great way to introduce black without being over-the-top or over the budget. Want to go bold? Try painting your interior doors or cabinets black and use gold hardware to get a different look.

Incorporating Wood

Introducing wood into a modern farmhouse look is key to achieving the true modern farmhouse look! This can be accomplished in several different ways from an oversized farm table, to an island, a rustic wood mantle, beams or a wood ceiling detail. It is essential to add wood elements to give your space that warmth and rustic charm. We like to use medium or light wood tones to get a natural and airy feel.




Classic Patterns with Texture

The modern farmhouse style consists of a neutral palette with the use of texture to add interest. The appeal of modern farmhouse style is that it is comfortable and inviting. The neutral palette has a calming effect while pops of black and wood elements help ground the space. Materials are usually soft and go back to the roots to give a natural, authentic look. Camel coloured leather is also a great base for all modern farmhouse spaces. Try mixing patterns and textures to take your space to the next level.


Final Touches

Similar to the neutral palette, we are seeing a more neutral or muted art choices. Black and white photography pictures, animal portraits and monochromatic abstracts are great for a Modern Farmhouse look. But just because the pieces are more neutral does not mean they don’t have impact. The simplistic palette packs a punch when it is in a large format. Using animal heads and cowhides are great to incorporate into the mix of décor. I mean, can it really be called modern farmhouse if you don’t have at least one animal head in your house?



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