5 Client Favourite Statement Mirrors

5 Client Favourite Statement Mirrors

A mirror is a fantastic piece of decor that can create a big impact in your space. There are certain types of mirrors that we like to use in different spaces and these five mirrors are our top client favourites. Each mirror has a different shape and feel, but they work across a wide range of decor styles. Mirrors are the perfect option for creating more light in a darker space as they bounce light around the room. Depending on the size and shape of the mirror, they can be an excellent choice for creating a wow moment in your home. 


The Round Mirror 

A round mirror is the perfect choice for a slightly smaller scale and works in almost any space. Plus, there are a ton of frame options so it’s very easy to find one to suite your space. In the photo on the left, the mirror adds some brightness to this modern kitchen. The leather strap adds a more rustic, natural look along with a more casual vibe. The smaller scale of this mirror is perfect for the space without being overpowering. In the living room on the right, the asymmetrical wood frame gives the mirror a very natural, organic shape, which is mirrored in the wood of the coffee table and side tables. In this living room, the mirror acts more as a piece of art due to its placement and the sculptural feel of the frame. 

Floor Length Mirror

A floor length mirror is the best choice for adding wow factor to your home. The grand scale and gravitas that this lends to a space makes a floor length mirror very eye-catching. This type of mirror often works best in a front foyer, master bedroom and even a master bath. This type of mirror is perfect for the foyer of your home as you can do a quick outfit check before you head out the door as seen in the photo on the left. Adding a large, thick frame to the mirror can also help to give it more presence. Hanging this mirror on the wall is a great way to ensure that the mirror is hanging at the perfect height, but we also love the look of leaning a floor length mirror on the wall for a more casual vibe. In the photo on the right, this floor length mirror is tucked into the corner of the living room to add extra light. The rounded frame gives it a modern look and complements the black candlesticks on the fireplace. 

Wall to Wall Mirror 

Wall to wall mirrors are a classic choice in any home. Especially popular for use in a bathroom, these mirrors are often frameless and make the wall look like one big mirror. This type of mirror is especially useful in a powder room as it helps to make the typically small space seem much larger and less cramped. By running the mirror from the ceiling to meet the counter top, this also eliminates the need for a backsplash in the bathroom. A wall-to-wall mirror is also a great choice if you have a fitness space in your home and want a large wall of mirror to emulate a studio at the gym.

An Ornate Mirror 

Ornate or vintage looking mirrors are the perfect way to incorporate a mix of styles into your home. In the photo on the left, the mirror features an ornately shaped top, but is more subdued thanks to the pale grey-white colour that it’s finished in. We love how the style of this mirror contrasts the clean, modern lines of the dresser in both colour and design style. Similarly, this oversized gold mirror is the perfect statement piece in this modern bathroom. The scale along with the gold colour of the frame make for a striking mirror and the perfect addition to this modern bathroom. The gold of the frame adds some warmth to the room and helps to bounce light into the shower that it stands across from. 

Multiple Mirrors 

Multiple mirrors are a fun design choice for when you want the mirrors to act more as a piece of art. This small group of mirrors to the left is a great example of how multiple smaller mirrors can come together to create a unique piece. The sleek, streamlined look of these mirrors complement the modern look of this home and add height to this foyer. Combining smaller mirrors into a larger piece is also a great choice if you’re on a budget, but still want something that creates a big impact.  In the photo on the right, two mirrors are used to create balance and mimic the look of the window on the opposite side of the fireplace. The rectangular shape with rounded edges and gold metal frame give them a more modern edge. 


Photo Credit: Shellard Photography

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