Decorating with Velvet

Decorating with Velvet

Velvet is becoming more and more popular in the design industry. It has a soft feel and a luxurious look making it a favourite in many households. Here are a few tips on incorporating this material into your home:


Less is More

Velvet can be a more expensive fabric, but it packs a lot of punch, so no need to have it everywhere. Adding a couple of velvets toss will go a long way and bring out that luxe velvet feel without breaking the bank.


Velvet is a visually heavy material. As said previously, a little goes a long way. To balance out the weight of velvet it can be paired with linens, and soft textures to create a balanced look. You can also pair it with different metals to up the glamour and give it an extra luxurious feel. Having your drapery in velvet can also be an easy way to warm up your space.



Velvet comes in almost every colour you can think of, so choose a colour that speaks to you. Velvet is a very rich material and the colours are very rich as well. Personally, I love the moody greens, maroons and blues that act as a statement in any room.

Mix It Up

Velvet is a cozy texture that warms up any room, and it can be used in many different ways! Try mixing and matching throughout your home. Use it on a chair, a toss, a sofa or a headboard. You can go as far as you want! 

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