Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year & 2023 Colour Trends

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year & 2023 Colour Trends

We always eagerly await colour trends for the new year and this year’s trends did not let us down! The trends this year are incredibly vibrant and energetic shades that we can’t wait to infuse into our designs in bold (and subtle) ways. For our colour trends, we mainly look to Benjamin Moore, with a nod to Pantone. This year, both companies are reporting bright, vibrant and warm shades from the red family. Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is Raspberry Blush, which you’ll see in our work in various ways this year. Some of our other favourites from the Benjamin Moore Colour Report are Tofino Sunset - a subtle pastel peach colour, cinnamon - a muted red-brown tone and a light grey with a hint of purple called New Age. Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, which is truly as vibrant as it sounds. This punchy, saturated pink colour can make a big impact, even when used sparingly as seen in some of our upcoming designs! We’ll show you how we’ve factored these colours into our designs, plus how to combine multiple colour trends together. 


Raspberry Blush 

This is Benjamin Moore’s 2023 colour of the year and it’s such a fun and vibrant shade. This rich coral shade is perfect for making a statement in your home. While it’s tempting to cover your home in this colour, we suggest using it more sparingly as seen here in this dining room. This painting features a palette similar to that of Raspberry Blush and is the perfect compliment to the deep brown tones of this dining table and chairs.

Tofino Sunset 

Inspired by dusk through the lens of a vintage film camera, this dusty peach hue is the perfect warm complement to your home. This lighter shade is perfect for walls and accents alike due to its calming and serene nature. In the photo below, we’ve used accents in a similar muted peach shade to add a subtle hint of colour to this girls bedroom. 


Reminiscent of warm terracotta, but in a more modern way, Cinnamon is perfect for adding a rich, earthiness to your home. We love to use it to add warmth in unexpected places, like this shower. The slim profile of the tile gives it a modern feel, while the rich cinnamon colour gives it depth and drama. 

New Age 

If you thought that you didn’t need another grey in your life, think again! We love the very subtle purple undertones in this grey that make it slightly more complex and interesting than your typical grey shade. It’s a great neutral to use in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms as seen here in the drapery. Like Tofino Sunset, it adds a calming serene quality to the room, but in a cooler tone. 

Viva Magenta

For Pantone’s 2023 colour of the year, they also went with a bright and very bold shade called Viva Magenta. Similar to Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, it’s a saturated hue that really makes a big impact in a room. While the shade we’re using isn’t exactly Viva Magenta, you could use that shade in a similar way by upholstering an accent chair or including small pops in the art that you hang in your home. 

Raspberry Blush & Tofino Sunset 

We’re incredibly excited about this upcoming client project where we get to use a TON of colour. In this bedroom, we’re mixing warm, saturated shades to create a monochromatic look that’s rich and moody. For the feature wall behind the bed, we’ve chosen a colour similar to Raspberry Blush and will be doing a plaster treatment to give the wall a lot of texture and depth. The accents in the room feature various other warm tones with an accent chair in a lovely pale pink shade similar to Tofino Sunset.

Raspberry Blush & Viva Magenta 

For the boldest colour combination of them all, we’re combining Raspberry Blush and Viva Magenta in this colourful, modern dining room. The key to using multiple vivid tones is to use them sparingly to avoid over-stimulating your eyes. In this dining room design, we’ve chosen two feature chairs for the dining table done in a Raspberry Blush coloured upholstery. To complement the bold chairs, and act as the focal point of the room, we chose a large piece of art with various tones of Vivid Magenta.

Photo Credit: Shellard Photography 

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