Beautify Your Bedroom

Beautify Your Bedroom

A lot of times we are looking to escape to a space of our own, and find that space in our bedrooms.  Whether you have a large home or a small apartment, your bedroom can be that retreat for self-care, relaxation and wellness that we all need and crave sometimes.  So, why not make it special.  Below are ways to update your bedroom, and make it beautiful and relaxing.  Remember to make your room special, and while your at it…MAKE YOUR BED!

Focus on your Bed

Often clients forget that their bed is a feature in their bedroom, and that they should have something more than metal rails to hold their mattress.  I love to do fabric headboards to soften the room, and make your bed inviting, and a space where you could sit and journal, read or just relax.


Comfortable Bedding

Keep your bedding comfortable and easy to wash.  We often by our sheet sets at Homesense just because you can get a cotton 700 thread count at such a great price.  We like to keep things simple and use white sheets.  Grey duvets are a nice connection with the white sheet, and we usually like to use cotton.  Duvets give clients a nice option for how warm they would like their bed to be.  We use hypo-allergenic fills and mid weight duvet.


Accent Pillows

By adding some comfortable pillows (Euro Pillows) in front of your headboard they can add a sense of softness and comfort.  Also, adding personalized toss pillows in front of your everyday pillows can make your bed more inviting and inspiring.  You don’t have to have a tonne of pillows on your bed, but I find that two sleeping pillows and then two shams and two accent make it easy to remove and remake! 


Throw Blankets

It is always nice to cozy up on a made bed and cover up with a nice throw blanket or quilt.  Your throw blanket can reinforce the toss cushion accent color or just add texture and softness to the bed.  We always use them to make the bed warm, and I use one to add to my side of the bed on cold nights.  You can toss the throw blanket at the bottom of the bed, or fold the quilt at the bottom to create a thinner nod of texture at the bottom.


Artwork Can Finish the Look

By adding artwork above your bed, it creates a finished look without spending a fortune on wallpaper.  Adding an accent paint on the bed wall can also make that artwork pop, and can be a cost effective way to add impact!  We love a simple mirror, a shelf with artwork leaned onto it, or just a beautiful black and white collague.  Remember this can add to your own personal style and art can create a mood or a feeling just by being there.  Have fun with the art, and make it unique!


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