What's Trending For 2019

What's Trending For 2019

Wow, I can’t believe we are into the new year! It’s been a great year for RCID, with tons of amazing projects that we got to work on. As we move onto 2019, we thought it would be great to review the trends coming down the line.


A Return to Nature

Florals have been kind of in and out for the past couple years, but in 2019 the florals seem to be still going strong. Prints are oversized and are ranging from bold colours to soft pastels. Whether it is fabric or wallpaper, we are going to be seeing a lot of floral and botanicals this year.

A Modern Twist

Jewel tones are on the rise this year, but instead of them being dark and moody, the jewel tones are being paired with black and white, allowing the colour to pop and being shown in a more contemporary way. We are also seeing pairings of blues and reds, offering a bright appealing atmosphere.


Using Colour As A Neutral

According to paint companies, they are projecting the top colours to be soft grays, burnt oranges, mossy greens and dusty blues. Personally, I think we are going to be seeing a lot of moss green being introduced into their year’s palette. We are seeing the colour being used as a neutral and incorporating it into furniture to give a soft, natural effect.

Keeping it Curvy

Instead of clean, hard lines, we are seeing a lot more curved and rounded furniture pieces. People are gravitating to the more relaxed look and we are seeing that through the soft shapes, as well as the soft textures, such as velvets and chenille.



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