How to Style a Bedside Table

Whether you are just freshening up your bedroom or if you are just moving in, it is easy to style or re-style your bedside table. These tables get a lot of love, so you might as well do it right. Here are some tips to help you!

Almost all nightstands have the same décor components – books, lamps, floral and personal accessories – the difference however, is how you style it and how your personality comes out in that styling. And although the size and design of your nightstand may influence your look, the true design comes in how you play with those components and make it your own! Let’s take a moment and look through some of the different styles that suit you and your style: 

Simple & Clean

Pretty straight-forward with this one. As they say, “less is more”. Keep your nightstand looking fresh with just the bare minimums – try using just a single table lamp or the few items some clean books and a floral. Keep your personal items in drawers, this look is all about the clean lines.

The Family Man

Your bedroom is the place you retire to, to wind down and to go to sleep, so why not fill your head with the ones you love the most? Adding photo frames to your nightstand is a great way to cherish those memories and keep them close. If this is the route for you, we recommend trying to coordinate your photos, so they still look classy on your nightstand. Black and whites are our favourites!

Down to Earth

Want your bedroom to give that cozy comfortable look? This look is super easy to achieve by adding soft greens and warm wood tones. Try layering textures and muted colours to add dimension and a homey-ness to this style.

The Layered Effect

The layered effect is very popular right now and we can see why! Mixing textures, tones and different levels of interest creates a capturing display in the bedroom. The main thing that separates this style is incorporating art into the bedside table and creating small vignettes of curiosity, instead of focusing on one whole.

Chic & Classy

This look is similar to the simple and clean look in many ways. To achieve this look you will want to keep most of your personals out of sight, with only a few statement pieces. This look doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve, a few simple books and a nice lamp with a couple unique accessories and you have this look down-pat! Keep in mind that with this look, it is generally more of your neutral colours. Sticking to your blacks, golds, greys and whites are the safest bet with a small pop of colour.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our tips in how to style your bedside table. Your bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of your time, so make it a place that suits you. So wake up, get to work and put your dreams into action!

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