How to Choose and Use Statement Tiles

How to Choose and Use Statement Tiles

The main areas that people tend to use statement tiles is in their powder, master ensuite, kitchen and mudroom. These are great spaces to make a statement because they are your main areas that are used. People generally think statement tiles need to be bright and bold, but that is not always the case. We have created a list of different ways to create a statement using tiles:


Bold Patterns

One of the most obvious ways to make a statement is with a bold tile. We are seeing this trend a lot in powder rooms. Bear in mind, when using a statement tile on the floor, you will want to pair it with a simpler tile for the walls, or vise-versa. Keep the tile as a statement by going with something cleaner and more neutral to compliment the bold tile. By doing this you will also keep the longevity of the look.

Interesting shape/install

Design is in the details! You don’t have to go with something bright and bold to make a statement. One of my favourite ways to make a statement is through the installation. Turn a boring subway tile into a feature by herringboning it in your kitchen or using a basket weave design in your bathroom. There are tons of installation types depending on the look you are going for, so don’t always be so quick to throw out the idea of a simpler tile. Not to mention, this is often a cheaper way to make an impact.




Another way to make a statement, is to switch up the colour or play with texture. Tierra Sol has a tile, called the Impronta White Experience series, and it has a set of 4 different patterns and textures in the same line. Mixing the set during install creates a visually interesting effect without being over-the-top. Another way to make a statement is to inset a different tile in a space. Using a tile throughout and switching out the tile on the back of the shower or using a band of different tile creates interest without breaking the bank.






Sometimes simple makes a big impact. In the last couple years, there has been an influx of large format tiles, going all the way up to 48” x 94”. If you have an open concept home and continuous floors throughout, these large-scale tiles can give a clean look that shows the expanse and beauty of your home. I love Julian Tile’s Marvel series that showcases a series of marble looks, be sure to check them out!




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