Three, two, one… Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new. 2017 is here and we are embracing the latest design trends. Here is a quick look at some of the trends coming your way:

Colour Trends: Blues are setting the stage for 2017. This year we are seeing rich blues in our interiors through furniture, doors, accents and décor. Deep navies, lush turquoises and muted mints are making a bold statement in the coming year and we are loving it!

Décor Trends: 2016 was bursting full of copper accents and gold details. This year we will see the design world pulling away from these metals and moving towards a mix of golds and silvers. This combining of metals gives the home a fun twist that allows you to mix and match styles.

Flooring Trends: Dark floors are a thing of the past. This year we are seeing a shift towards lighter, easier to maintain floors. Lighter wood not only brightens the look of your house, but hides dust and scratches better than a darker wood.

We are also seeing a shift in the use of tile and hardwood. 2017 is bringing a melding of transitions between tile and hardwood - blurring the lines of where one ends and one begins.

Mood Trends: With the rush of our everyday lives, we are starting to see our homes reflect a calmer and more comfortable atmosphere. The idea is to make our homes more of an escape. Movable furniture, lots of pillow and cozy textures are making our homes warm and inviting!

Clean lines, simplistic materials and comfortable design are becoming the forefront in 2017. We look forward to showing these trends in our 2017 projects. Be sure to watch for our upcoming projects on our website at:


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