Modern Artisan. This show home is in the developing Alpine Park neighborhood that we worked on with Calbridge homes. It is driven by soft lines, rooted natural elements, warm minimalism, and a neutral color palette. This show home is perfect for the modern artisan that wants to shop local, use natural materials and spend their days in the outdoors!

The living room is curated through calming tones, comfortable textured upholstery, and layers. A study in neutrals, with a low nesting tables and wooden floor lamps, large comfortable furniture, and black accents. The fireplace is stucco-cladded to create visual interest while softening the space. Expansive, windows with wood casing helps to bring the natural light into this earthy home.

The main floor is an open concept, in which the living room seamlessly stretches into the kitchen & dining through warm oak flooring. The kitchen exudes white flat paneled cabinetry set on textured backsplash tile while the dining room is home of a raw edged dining set.

The home features two kids’ rooms that were tailored around their likes/interests. A custom ski-map of Sunshine Village in the boy’s room and delicate florals and pottery in the girl’s room for a young artist at heart.

A deep sense of calm pervades the whole home, truly designed around creating family moments.

Photography: @kokemorstudio