Cozy Ways to Style a Space with a Fireplace

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner and we all know that there is nothing better than snuggling up to a toasty fire with hot chocolate and a cozy companion. Here are some ways to cozy up your home and get that fire going.

Cozy Ways to Style a Space with a Fireplace


An easy way to cozy up your fireplace is by making it a focal point. Pulling chairs closer around the fire or adding soft textures like rugs and warm blankets adds that extra comfort and warmth to the room, making it an easy place to snuggle into. 





Another way to stylize your fireplace is to accessorize it. Setting up baskets with books and a foot stool make it easy for you and your guests to pop your feet up and relax. Adding logs and your fireplace tools nearby are not only useful in starting and maintaining a fire, but they also give a very warm and cozy appeal. And of course, adding photos and accessories to your mantles never hurt!





Not the fire type? That’s okay, you can still make your fireplace warm and inviting. Adding a panel of logs, or a vignette of lanterns and candles is an easy way to soften your fireplace and create a cozy atmosphere. 










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