5 Tips for Stylish Entertaining

We all know that planning a party can be stressful. Drop the stress and plan your party with ease using these 5 Tips for Stylish Entertaining!

5 Tips for Stylish Entertaining




Keep it Casual

There’s no need to go all out on decorating for a party. Instead, clean up your house and get creative with decorations. Focus on a highlighted area, such as the buffet table or the table centre piece and make it the wow-factor. No sense in cluttering up your house, pack the punch where it matters and it will leave a lasting impression!






Set Up A Bar

Drinks can often make or break a party. Make sure to get a large array of drink options: juice, soda and cocktail musts. Instead of doting on your guests, set up a drink station where guest can easily refill their drinks through the night and make it how they like. 








Set the Mood


What’s a party without music? Music sets the atmosphere for your party, so choose carefully. Whether it is soft acoustic background music, smooth jazz or some high energy tunes, creating a special playlist will help set the tone for your shindig.






Have Fun with your Food

It’s a party, so have some fun! Something so simple as getting some fun plates can add a lot of flavor to your party. Serving buffet style will keep things simple and allow guests to go for their favourites. Playing with colour and mixing up your foods will create a mouth-watering arrangement that guests won’t be able to resist!





Plan Ahead

There is nothing worse than missing your own party… So plan ahead! Prep your food the night before, set up your bar table and always plan for more than you think. Being able to easily bring out backup food or napkins after a spill might just save the day! Prep before and you’ll be able to relax on the day knowing you are set and you’ll be able to enjoy your party! Heck, you will even have extra time to finish doing your hair and changing your outfit before guests arrive.


Sit back relax... You've got this covered!








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