4 Ways to Create a Warm Winter Retreat

Winter is here, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Use these tips and make your home a warm winter retreat!

4 Ways to Create a Warm Winter Retreat



Light It Up

Winter is dark and cold, so bring out the candles and the lanterns and light it up. Winter brings some amazing new scents, so make the most of them! Candles not only add a nice warm glow to any room, but they also keep your house smelling cozy and fresh. 





Bring on the Bold

Adding darker, moodier colors will give your house a richer, warmer feel. Deep browns and moody navies create a warm interior. Adding hints of bright, but warm colours such as mustard or emerald keep your space from looking dark and gloomy, but keep it upbeat and cozy. 






 Layer Up 

Winter is just around the corner and with winter comes the cool breezes and cold nights. Warm up your bedroom by switching up your duvet for a heavier set. Adding extra blankets, cushions and rugs will keep you toasty warm and add a cozy aesthetic you won’t be able to leave.





Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Winter is cold and we won’t be spending extra time outside if we don’t have to. Why not use that extra time to settle down with a good book. Creating a reading nook can be as easy as grabbing a bunch of pillows and blankets near your favourite reading light or perhaps finally using that window seat bench so you can read while you watch the snow fall. 






The cold may be rushing in and the days may be getting shorter, but you can make the most out of your winter. Cozy up your home to make a winter retreat and the time will fly by. Happy winter everyone!









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